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RE: Found Two Gems on Binance - Which Coin Is Next?

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I have to say that I have some difficulty understanding the crypto futures markets.

Trading cryptocurrencies is super volatile, but messing with crypto futures is even crazier. In the end, it is as you said, it can and it is risky but the potential gains are ridiculously big.


In the end it is all about good risk management and a carefully pre-planned risk/reward setups. As long as you stick to a plan and don't get too greedy, you should be just fine.

Answer not related to the bounty though, but thanks for stopping by!

Oh, sorry about that I didn't notice that "small" detail. And it´s your fault, your post was worthy of my attention and I was not here just for the bounty!!

Btw, I would say my secret investment lays on Nebulas since 2018.

Hello @diogosantos and sorry for the late reply! I did not have access to the internet in the last period. I don't know too much about Nebulas, but I'll take a look for sure.

Thanks for the input; have a nice one!