Charity Sea Coin Opens a New Dimension For Steemit Users - Take 100 CHRTY Like Gift

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Charity Sea Coin Opens a New Dimension For Steemit Users - Take 100 CHRTY Like Gift

Most digital currencies have no guarantee for growth on the stock exchange, except good stories and users' faith. Charity Sea Coin is designed to help as many people as possible to learn about Steemit and to learn how to become successful. Also, all users who invest and want to be holders have the ability to be sure, because if the value of Charity Sea Coin falls, they can take the product as a guarantee.

(Kombucha Extract - )

The next important thing is that users can get a real product for Charity Sea Coin, we are preparing a part for companies where everyone will be able to sell their products and services. The value of one coin depends on where the coin can be used when you have the product as a guarantee then the value is stable and can grow very easily.
Steem's value in SteemPower, that's what is the biggest motivation for investors. We have joined together nicely and usefully, to open up a business school that promotes Steemit and Steem and Educate Users on how to become successful,We can do this only with money, so we created the "Charity Sea Coin Project"# to fulfill our mission.


Charity Sea Coin:

  • A new platform for educational growth and financial well being.
    "Charity Sea Coin" is made on the "ETH"* platform as an ERC20 Token, which will provide security and accountability for all transactions. Charity Sea is a “hybrid” blockchain technology which allows us to account for transactions within the blockchain ledger, as well as within our system which allows for free transactions, and instant payments to all users within our ecosystem. Its our way of giving back while keeping true to the honor of steemits fast, and free transaction. A total of 90,000,000 Charity Sea Coins have been minted.

About ICO:

The "ICO" starts in 10 days and the start price is $.10 cents USD. Every $ 15,000 worth of CHRTY sold will increase the price of the coin by 0.01 cents. Charity Sea coin can be purchased with Steem and Eth only. Steem And ETH are paid in exchange for CHRTY - Steem and Eth, and withdrawals from our platform are also in STEEM and ETH ONLY! (payments are made after the ICO). Everyone has the opportunity to earn money, but this is not the most important thing in this project, the most important part is to open many physical business schools around the world, and promote free prosperous enterprise.

spinner-for-after SCHARITY.gif

100 Charity Sea Coin gratis for All - Condition :

  1. Sign Up Click HERE.
  2. Invest in your future and support the Steem Schools project (Only in ICO)
  3. Invite your friends and other users to your affiliate link
  4. Be active on the Steem Schools discord channel Click Here
  5. The 100 Charity Sea Coin is awarded to every user after online Class in discord channel, The prize is awarded from the @dobartim to the user's wallet on website

All those who are active on the discord channel receive 100 Charity Sea coins. We are preparing great surprises and valuable prizes for all active participants. Tonight in live class on discord channel in 9 pm European central time zone Our Discord Find out how you can get Charity Sea Coin in the Pre ICO period 40% cheaper.

We give you a hand to be with us at the top.

See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Steem Schools and Charity Sea Coin Our Discord



Upvote has been removed. Shitcoins with Charity in them has been used in the past as a tool of pure scam by its creators. A rep 72 should know better.

Vote for @fyrst-witness, and learn everything you need to know about steem by asking live 24/7 on the open discord: and please do not fall for shit like presented in this post.

Manually override by Owner.

Thank you for your opinion, but first, Return money - 8 Steem to my account.

8 steem??

Sounds like you spent too much promoting some other chain's coin here maybe?

I dont have this 8 steem in my accounte.This is a an classic attack - nothing else.

As the founder and creator of @YouAreHOPE Foundation, the Steem exclusive, blockchain transparent worldwide humanitarian aid foundation, I'd like to express my disappointment in seeing the choice to use a non-steem blockchain for this token. We have the proven and demonstrated capability here to accomplish humanitarian service and charity work already, now with steem, and in the future in a way nearly exactly like this with SMTs.

@YouAreHOPE has provided Help, Opportunity, Purpose & Empowerment (The HOPE in our name and missions) to thousands of people in the world in a dozen disadvantaged countries over the past year since our inception. (October 16th, World Food Day, is our anniversary)

When I see eth tokens advertising on our chain, I recognize and respect their right to do so, but as part of steem witness @noblewitness and a builder of communities, tools, charities and projects on steem, 100% committed to steem and only steem, I'd be remiss in my job if I did not herein express disappointment in those who see how valuable we are for their need to self-promote something from somewhere else on a proven and vibrant and active chain. But fail to see they simply should have just built HERE in the first place.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Member @NobleWitness steem witness team
Creator many tools and interfaces to the steem chain
Steem Community builder and moderator

I'm 100% committed to steem and only steem. You should be too.

upvoted and I hope I see more of you --tag me sometime and to make me find you again

self voted, (which i never do, check for visibility above spam commentary

edit : now others have boosted this comment up, Im removing my selfvote again.

Thank you for your proffesional comment and opinion.I make a lot of for Steemit community and I want to support this community 100% - see deep into project and than you can decide about Charity Sea Coin. I give more than I earn on Steemit and now I need project to support and bring a lot of new users and to open offline Steem Schools.

Ah I see now you SPENT 8 steem, but you have 70K steem and sp in your account, which now is clearer once I checked for myself. I guess if you have 70K and are charitable, you definitely need to sell coins to make more money for charity - pardon my disdain but I've spent a good portion of my available steem income over the past year for my charity and the community voluntarily contributes the rest. With which we've literally done amazing and nearly unbelievable scales of things on less than 10-15K in total proceeds over a year. Like thousands of people, on a dozen fronts on multiple continents. Schools, orphanages, and even entire villages have been aided by steemians via our foundation.

With the recent dlive debacle, when we the community bootstrap to amazing results together, forgive us when we see someone with 70K in their wallet using another chain to beg from us to help some "schools" which are of questionable "charity" in a world where we routinely deliver hundreds of kilograms of food to orphans, mitigate malaria with medications and rebuild buildings and fix flooded villages and roads by hand with steemian led teams using shovels and sweat and spreading the word of steem's capability through the world.

I cannot in good conscious recommend to my hundreds of charitable steemian supporters that they put their money in ETH tokens for an unknown entity with unproven results to possibly pull a dlive and leave for said other chain someday.

Real charities don't have ICOs, they have donation drives and their founders put skin in the game and they certainly don't publically cry over 8 steem when they have nearly 80 THOUSAND steem in their account.

Does not compute, OR look like good form.

I give more than 20000$ on one year my personal money without any help to other Steemians - But you have your own way of doing and great loby to suppprt your activities. Keep going with good work.

Good luck. Do good in the world. Be honest and transparent. Reconsider erc-20, and support the home team, steem!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Only honest users not everybody.

Great project!

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Signed up and joined discord

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Next step is - be in live class in discord channel - Than I will give you and to others 100 chrty.

Can't join at the moment :) my girlfriend is sleeping next to me so I can t talk or do I have to listen only?

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Everyday, we have online classes every day in 9 pm european central time zone

Sir,Like this post thanks

You are welcome

Excellent project

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siacoin , ctipto future 2020

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Welcome to our family

Sir I want to join in your group is there any group you have

onk onk valo project

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your most welcome

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Me gusta la idea mañana habra clase

Thank you for sharing Sir.I am going to sign up there now.

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Great project.. informative post..nice..👍

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not sure what this is about but I gave you an upvote and wish you well

Welcome to our discord channel, make an accounte in and take 100 Charity Sea coin for free

Excellent post
Very informative

Excellent concept
Keep up

Good one. Keep up the good work!


Nice write up, I will have a look at this

See you in our family

give me your phone number. i will contrack you

Great article, upvoted and resteemed!

dashing project but

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You are welcome

To be honest, I am reading these comments and I cannot understand when somebody comments without facts. Everybody can say anything, but not by speculating but by true facts.

As I can see @dobartim has more than 10000 followers.
He has been doing challenges & competitions for rewarding Minnows, all the time. He even did Steem Schools to educate people, how to make money on Steemit. I remember when He gave to Only one person 1000 SBD reward, than to other person 500 SBD & numerous persons. He didn't take money from anyone but gave His own money.

@dobartim didn't make a bot to make money, He made a School.
Steemit is a Blogger site & people are writing and promoting different things. Why should others do that & Him not to do that ?
Other thing, so many people promote other things & You don't flag them, actually if You flag You should flag 70% of Steemians but You flagged @dobartim, What for ?

Charity Coin is the most loyal coin to Steemit because transactions will be done by Steem & ETH.
Where in the World somebody is attacked without facts ? As I know before You claim something You should have firm prooves unless You want to be accused for slander...

I don't understand this World, I really don't...

to educate people, how to make money on Steemit.

This information is already freely literally everywhere.

The last time somebody monetized teaching free material, his name was banfield.

He gave one person 1000SBD reward for a contest?

Here's what @YouAreHOPE can do with just 500 steem and steem only community support here and on the ground on-site in Nigeria:


Final result:

And all around the world:

But hey throw your investment in some other chain and hope these charity? business schools accomplish some good in the world where it's needed and in ways it IS needed.

Just sayin'

This is excellent what You have done, I am amazed. I wish many people do that. Thanks for doing that. So, let's sinergize and do many noble actions together.

On the other side, in many books You have knowledge, for example for machine engineering but if Proffessors don't educate You, it is in vain. So, Steem School was actually that. Putting in practise theory of making money on Steemit.

It is better to start now, than to wait Steemit fork. So, we will change RC20 Token for Steem Token...

Thank you for your kind assessment of our work, this is only just a tiny sample of the last year of ongoing missions and work done and documented on a transparent basis via the chain and our blog entries and discord history archive channel and regional and mission based chat rooms.

do many noble actions

Hehe, my witness isn't called the @noblewitness, the noble, no bull witness, for any other reason :)

I support Charity Sea and steemit
All good concepts are good if you wish to be part of positive trand
Also I checked work I didn’t see post that goes with text of comment
Once we all do what we believe than we can write with better point of view

I tried my links in two browsers to confirm for you, but they are going straight to the articles. I'm not sure why you couldn't get there.