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Taking a look at the picture above, I believe you will be able to get some understanding of what exactly you should do with your cup of teas.

Diversification is one thing many are not privy to. To most, it seems far fetched and mostly impossible because, they have no idea of its importance.

I Feel Blessed!

Being able to diversify our time, portfolio and assets we will be on some sound footing especially, in a time such as this when the prices of our much valuable Crypto and everything digital currencies is heading on a downward spiral without any plan to taking a break.

Learn to think diversity in your purse, not in a self destruct way, but in a way that will enable you get some space to explore and then recreate.

A little story.

I read a story of a man who used his children's trust fund to invest in Bitcoin when it was trading for $18,000USD. He didn't think it through and he went all in because he was sure he will hit the goldmine, (him and million others).
As the story goes, Bitcoin decided to head downwards instead of upwards and the very enthusiastic man who invested at $18kusd didn't see this day coming.

He was encouraged to hodl and keep the faith and he did exactly as he was told by technical analysis and predictions.
Last week, the man couldn't take it as it became very clear that, he was not gonna be seeing Bitcoin at $18,000usd anytime soon. It was too much for him and he took the easy way out.

Diversify when you can.

Diversification is about not putting all your eggs in a basket. It is about making some very smart moves to ensure your financial stability for as long as you can. Putting a little here and a little there, will help ensure some respite when push comes to shove.

No one knows it all and no one has the power to determine what happens to their portfolio, career, business or dreams but, the fact that you made a move to diversify, you may have just set yourself on some easy sailing for when it goes burst in some quarters.

Make the world a better place for someone today!