How to Buy and Invest TRON TRX

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After introducing the tron and demonstrating its development during this year, with a simplified explanation of its system. In this article we present a way to buy and trade TRX TRON.
A look at the TRON TRON plans, its development team, its environment and current work products quickly reveal that it is one of the most exciting projects in encryption, with incredible possibilities in the future. TRON also has a number of promising partnerships on the horizon. Which is likely to generate huge profits for those who are currently investing in Tron. Well let's see:
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How to Buy and Invest TRON TRX
Remember, the Tron is the network, and the currency is called TRONIX and is TRX. To buy this currency you will have to go to Binance, a global exchange platform based in Hong Kong.

Purchase of Petequin or Ethrium for replacement with TRONIX / TRONIX (TRONIX)
On Binance, you can replace the iTherium or PC with TRX (TRX). Because the etherium transactions are much faster and more affordable than the KFH transactions, we will encourage you to buy ethrium from a source such as Gemini or Coinbase. You can do this by USD.

Counter your Binance account to buy TRX TRON
Binance is an excellent exchange platform for encrypted currency based in Hong Kong. Its ease of use, its charter, its strong support for new currencies, and its ability to handle the required volume have made investors around the world choose them for trading.

Pennance is also the only large exchange platform that sells TRIX (TRX) TRONIX, so buyers do not have a lot of options in this matter. If you do not have an account on Binance, you can simply open it.

Step 1: Access and create an account in the usual way: with a new username and password.
Step 2: Click the verification email sent to your email.
Step 3: Run 2FA. This will not only give you business privileges, but will also prevent anyone else in the world from accessing your account and the precious currency stored in it. Password alone is not safe enough.

Send Etherium to Binance so you can invest in the currency TRON / TRX (TRONIX)
Step 1: Go to and click "Funds", then "Deposits Withdrawals". You'll be taken to your portfolio page, where you'll find a portfolio for each currency supported by Binance.
Step 2: Click "Upload" on your etherium portfolio.
Step 3: Copy the address that is composed of letters and numbers that appear to you. Now is the time to move to your external portfolio.
Step 4: Whatever portfolio you choose, you need to specify "Withdraw" pull for the atom. Paste your address into your address box. Then choose the amount of ethrium you want to send to Binance in order to invest in the currency you see. When all information is correct, press Send. In a few minutes, Atheerium will reach your portfolio on Binance.
How to Replace Ethrium with Tron: TRX (TRONIX)
Now that Ethrium has safely reached your Binance portfolio, you will still have to purchase some TRONIX TRX.

Step 1: In the new Pennance account, click Exchanges and choose "Basic". You will be taken to the trading screen. On the right side of the screen you will see a stack of trading pairs. Click the "ETH" box to see the currencies that can be replaced by the etherium. Then type "TRX" in the search box to show you only the TRX / ETH trading pair.
Step 2: Select the TRX number you want to buy, or just "25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%" to indicate the amount of ethrium you want to spend on TRX.

How to store TRX in a personal wallet to save
TRX does not have a special portfolio for download, but will be created in time. Fortunately, MyTherWallet's reliable TRX portfolio supports TRX, because TRX is primarily built on the Ethylene Blockin.

Step 1: Create a new password and create your new wallet.
Step 2: Save your password.
On the Home screen, you'll see your account address on the left. Copy this address. This is the address you will send to etherium, TRX, and any other ERC20 code to save in the future.

Return to Binance. Click on "Withdraw" on the TRX Portfolio and paste your MyEtherWallet address. Then press "Send". TRX will charge you 30 fees, and in a few minutes TRX will arrive.
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