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In his last Steemit goals update @fullcoverbetting did some calculations about the amount of rewards he got from different Steemit services and initiatives. That made me curious how that would look like for my personal situation, so I decided to calculate it.

Voting distribution

Based on you can get insight in the upvotes you get for a certaing amount of time. Since it now is the end of October, I decided to take the whole month into account (which makes calculating also a bit easier). Below you can see two different ways to look at the amount of upvotes I got. The above one indicates the value of the upvotes that I got on my posts. The second one indicates the value of all upvotes (so also on comments). To be complete, I used the second one to calculate my total rewards.

Rewards for posts

Total rewards (posts + comments)

Author rewards

The second important thing to take into account is the total amount of author rewards that I got during this month. helps here, since you can see the rewards of the last 30 days - this is why I chose a month earlier in this post... - on your account page there (see below). One disadvantage is that rewards are always paid out 7 days after you author a post. That means that the reward data from Steemworld are 7 days behind the Steemreports data about upvotes. To keep the calculation easy, I assume that the amount of upvotes by the different services are comparable for both periods. Since I post 4 to 5 times a week nearly all weeks, that should be pretty close to the reality.


Accorting to the Steemworld data, I got 21.32 STEEM in author rewards last month. This is twice the amount of SP rewards (10.66), since I always choose 50-50 (SP-SBD) payout for my posts.


In the table below you can find the results of the calculation for this month. I only take the services into account that are among the five biggest contributors/upvoters.

@steembasicincome50.1 %10.68
@steem-ua13.9 %2.96
@silvergoldbotty11.3 %2.41
@upvoteshares3.7 %0.79
@actifit2.9 %0.62

It can be seen that SBI is still the a very big contributor to my author rewards. I own quite a lot of shares in this program and have invested quite some STEEM to buy them. If you would look at the total amount of STEEM I used to buy the shares, I'm still in negative territory here (but that will change in the near future as long as I stay active).

It is interesting to compare the number two and three on the list, @steem-ua and @silvergoldbotty (Stax), since these services are (more or less) comparable in the way they give upvotes (you delegate SP and get upvotes in return). I delegated 200 SP to Stax and 100 SP to Steem-UA. I however get
upvotes that are worth (slightly) more from Steem-UA, so that one is just over 100% more profitable now. However, I've seen the Steem-UA upvotes go down in the course of this month, so this might change in the coming weeks and months.

Looking forward

I think it is quite informing to look at your portfolio like this once every while, so I think I'm going to make this a monthly exercise. I can then see whether certain services become less (or more) profitable and change my strategy according to that.

I'm curious to know whether you also do these kind of analyses and, if so, whether or not you changed your strategy based on that. Besides that, I like to hear from you when you think there are any flaws in my calculation and/or whether you would like some more or other information as well.
Just let me know in the comments below!


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These upvote program are a blessing. It brings a great motivation to keep on posting because you know that you will at least earn a certain amount with each post!
So keep on blogging!

That is how it works for me too. If I didn't get those upvotes, I'd probably have lost all of my motivation (and left the platform)...

I now saved this site as I forgot where to find it. Thx. I stay away from SBI as I am a little suspicious here with such a construction with pay upfornt and earn after years…..

You're welcome ;)
I also decided not to increase my number of SBI shares too much the last time, since I invested more than enough now. However I'm still positive on how it works so far. If only the STEEM price could go up again...

I'm with @goldrooster when it comes down to SBI. It still blows my mind how much steem is send to get shares while a basic look at the numbers quickly show it's a model that is not sustainable and extremely fragile. If anything it shows how much a need there is for programs that guarantee some upvotes. I also very much rely on them and am with peter on this one that it really keeps people motivated.

I'm always on the look out for new projects and concepts like this but it's hard to find good ones. I appreciate steem-ua, but many who selflessly delegated just to be part of the hype already undelegated again and the upvote values have dropped a lot. I dropped my delegation to make-a-whale because it felt like I was supporting them instead of the other way around, quartor pretty much is the same story along with jumbot. I like minnowbuilder because you know part of your sp is used to support good smaller accounts even though the return is limited. I'm now testing out @lifetimebot and will also have a look at @steemraiser. I've seen silvergoldbotty aroud but doing the calculations it's also a -EV deal.

I also recentry read about @automation, @banjo and @cleverbot in order to get some extra upvotes but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

Great to see the upvotes from @upvoteshares are helping out a bit !

I believe I just gave you the information you can not be evil and be good one must choose a side.

The time has come to welcome spring, and all things warm and green.

I agree that it is fragile. Let's hope that doesn't mean it breaks...

I'll definitively check out those services as well. Always good to know what possibilities there are.

Hoeveel SBI shares heb je?

And is the 10.68 Steem income the total income? So SBD also calculated into Steem?

Ik heb er nu 153 (en 6 bonus voor het delegeren van 60 SP). Het delegeren levert nog niet heel veel op, dus dat ga ik waarschijnlijk stopzetten.

I indeed calculated SBD into Steem, so this is the total income.

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