SPECTRE.ai Community Update: Spectre.ai Complete 2nd Quarter of 2020 (18 October 2020)

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SPECTRE.ai held the "2nd Quarter 2020" webinar held on 18 October 2020 to review the performance results and talk about what is ahead on the road map.

Snapshot from Spectre Q2 2020 (July-Sept)

SPECTRE Community Update

Spectre Q2 2020 (July-Sept)

Snapshot from Webinar

Q2 2020 Update -- Webinar


Snapshot from webinar

(1:15) Q1 Results

Snapshot from webinar

Operating Volumes

Snapshot from webinar

Weekly Active Users (WAU)

Snapshot from webinar

Digital Contracts Volumes: Spectre Versus Competitors

Snapshot from webinar

All Contracts Volumes: Spectre Versus Competitors

Snapshot from webinar

Weekly Divot Split Sources

Snapshot from webinar

SKILL GAMING: Plays by type, since January 2020

Snapshot from webinar

SKILL GAMING: Deposits Over Time

Snapshot from webinar

SKILL GAMING: Total plays by type (%)

Snapshot from webinar

Road Map

Snapshot from webinar

HODL Vault

Snapshot from webinar

Regulatory Notice (from website)

Trading on Spectre.ai or holding either SXUT or SXDT is strictly forbidden for U.S citizens. Participation rights do not apply to U.S citizens. This website uses an I.P block to ensure U.S citizens do not access it. If you are here and are from the U.S, you are in direct contravention of this website and Spectre.ai's terms and conditions. Investing in any token or security or trading on the Spectre.ai is high risk. Seek professional financial advice first before attempting to do so.

Risks (from website)

The Spectre.ai rewards token (SXDT) and utility token (SXUT) fluctuate in value depending on market conditions. Before considering investing in them, evaluate your own risk-appetite, financial capability and seek professional investment advice. Both tokens carry both upside but also, downside risks and it is important you carefully evaluate these before investing. Note that investment in these tokens was and remains strictly closed to U.S investors, investors in the following regions: Costa Rica, BVI, Caymans, Iran, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Syria, Somalia, North Korea, Yemen, Iraq, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, or to persons under age 18. This applies to both amateur or professional/accredited investors. Our investor relations team is available to answer all your questions about the company.


SPECTRE YouTube Channel

Spectre.ai tokens SXUT and SXDT are traded on ForkDelta:

Spectre Q2 2020 (July-Sept)


Do Your Own Due Diligence

Do Your Own Due Diligence Before Investing


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