Japan: Investment Courses For Senior Citizens & Bitcoin Loan Services!

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Japan as a nation continues to surprise me when it comes to their policies around cryptocurrency and how it’s people and corporations are starting to look at this industry.


Many senior-citizens and adults in the Japanese economy today are increasingly interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. To this effect Japanese Cryptocurrency Support Center has developed a new course that will allow senior citizens to learn more about cryptocurrencies relatively easier and enable them to participate in these new markets.

This is the first time a course on virtual currency investment is being offered by the center. It's surprising how something like is is even available to the citizens of Japan while in India we just ban things without due consideration.

According to Bitcoin Exchange Guide, the center explains their program in a post:

“For beginners who do no know how to buy virtual currency, we will instruct them carefully from the beginning, including how to use a personal computer.” They also stressed the following: “Even if you are inexperienced, even if you are not good at personal computers, you can start investing in virtual currency during the course period.”

The centre will also educate users on using crypto wallets, safe guarding their keys, sending and receiving cryptocurrency. It also plans on teaching users to retrieve keys incase they lose it. The idea is to teach seniors the correct ways of going about this industry and learn it as easily as possible.

It's amazing how in 2018 Japan is enabling these things for their citizens by allowing private and corporate entities to forge ahead with new technologies and financial investment avenues and make new economic progress.

Cryptocurrency Loans

Abic Corporation is an established Japanese company that has announced the launch of its Bitcoin loan service. It will provide loans to people with Bitcoin as a collateral.

Bitcoin secured loan is a service where [customers] can receive loans using bitcoin as collateral as its name implies, but it is Japan’s first service to receive [crypto-secured] loans in Japanese yen.

Abic Corporation will provide crypto-loans to both businesses and individuals. They annual interest rates will range from 2.98% to 15.0%. Loans can be borrowed for a period of one month and 5 years and it can be repaid in upto 50 instalments with no pre-payment penalties.

Loans can be borrowed between 2million yen and 1 billion yen and the delinquency fees are about 20% annually.

Here's an overview of the company that is providing these loans. However, Googling doesn't throw up a lot of information on it. Nevertheless, it's great to know of the possibilities in Japan that the rest of the world could follow.

Dear readers, what do you have to say about these developments in Japan? Is something similar going on in your country?

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Any attempts at educating people by any governmant is a smart move. It will boost nearly everyone within their economy and further strengthen the confidence of people on the future of the country.

That's a very great development going on over there, they are really progressing, in my country , virtual currencies are not fully developed yet and a lot of people still don't know what cryptocurrencies are, investing in cryptos is what is trending around the globe now and Japan is a step ahead.

Indeed they are ahead with their mindset and laws.

Yeah, progressing here and there too

Development must go on

cryptocurrency loan....... maybe it is nearly not possible in south korea.

Thats great stuff, Japanese ahead of the rest of us as usual.
Resteemed as requested.

Nice. People bitcoin in steemit

nice initiative and they know that crypto is the future so everyone must know how to trade in crypto.

One of the main reasons why japan is still ahead of the rest of the world because they grasp opportunities unlike the US government and Warren Buffet.

Japan is a very developed country that really has a lot of investment
A very sophisticated article really well published my friend

thank you for reading. I hope this market continues to grow with more economies going the Japanese way of doing things.

Countries which are taking initiative to train masses on safekeeping, investing, acquiring or trading cryptocurrencies and teaching the importance of blockchain technology are already ahead of other countries. The sleeping countries which sleep on decision making will lose money as the money will flow out to countries adopting and promoting blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies vigorously.

This is called Japan. They are far advanced than india. India should learn something but crupt government is not banning crypto but to ban technology. They are stopping indian youth to grow toward blockchain. They will lift the ban but at the end of when all countries will use crypto currency as main source for business. They should setup a community so they do fair with crypto and technology.

I agree man! We're long way to go from doing anything remotely close to Japan with the way things are today.

Saludos muy interesante la información, con esto cripto-préstamos a empresas y a personas naturales. mas esta ñapa Las tasas de interés anuales oscilarán entre el 2.98% y el 15.0%. es una manguangua... pero se tiene que disponer de buenos fiadores....

Actually Japan is one of the first countires that have Bitcoin and crypto mass adoption

Thanks for approving us, @firepower !

India is that country who often reacts after the effects.when all the countries of the world ,will able to benefit from crypto,than only our country will think positively about the use of crypto.History tell us everything about the working system of indian govt.Thanks for the great topics,have a great day.

Very interesting as well as promising to hear Crypto being taking seriously in a Country like Japan. Thanks for sharing @firepower

Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup