Anatomy Of Whales (Cryptocurrency).

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Whales (Cliche name) are divided into 2 groups.
[Based on some speculation, and shallow research.]

Billionaires (Rare) - Losing couple of millions considered small Risk

  • This group tends to play with millions at hand, usually in smaller cap Coins. since losing 1 or 2 million is not considered vital.
  • And also are immue to fud, and usually control the price fluctuation during the dips & pumps.
  • They also have controle over the releation Alts hold on to eachother. (in terms of Price).
  • They make profit out of relatively smaller Alts, TRX, XVG, DOGE, ...
  • They are experts on manipulation and controlling the Price During Long period of time (Months).
  • At the moment, they're making the market looks unpredictable, so smallers Investors can't read their Cards. (game of Chess).

Millionaires (most common) - Losing couple of millions can be Vital.

  • This group tends to rely on Coin with bigger Cap, ETH, BTC, XRP, XLM, ...
  • They play it less risky but more often. (Daily).
  • Have less impact on the final price of the Alts.
  • Are not immue to FUD. can be shaken as well as normal investors.
  • They profit the most out of price fluctuation (small Ups/Downs) either during Dips or Pumps. (Using Bots).
  • They are experts on controlling the price during short period of time (Weeks).
  • At the moment, they're promoting and/ or spreading FUD in the competitor's market.

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