[FSC] FriendshipCoin "Virtuous Vidaru" Release - Protocol Changes / Wallet Improvements

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FriendshipCoin Virtuous Vidaru Release

FriendshipCoin Core v0.1.0


Added in the halving schedule, starting with block 100,000 where the block reward will drop from 120 to 60. Then, the block reward will reduce by half every 262800 blocks, roughly a year until year 5 where it reaches a reward of 1.85 FSC per block. Then it will continue until the coin supply reaches the maxmimum supply of 60,168,146 coins, which will roughly take another 35 years from when the reward hits 1.85 FSC.

The halving schedule is as follows:
Halving schedule

Other improvements that have been added are correct displaying of masternode rewards (staking rewards have been hard coded but a full fix is incoming). Masternode collatoral protection. Improved build process and smaller binary files; Of which are more optimised, reducing the load on your masternode servers. There’s also been some under the hood improvments to make way for new upcoming features such as coin control and on chain donation voting

FriendshipCoin GUI v.0.4.1


Updated the GUI Wallet to use the new Core version v0.1.0 with Masternode Collateral Protection. Since the daemon now supports it natively we were able to remove the logic from the GUI that did it. This is a big improvement in reliability for sending coins.

Other Development

Come join us on Discord for more information or just to say hi. The more the merrier at FriendshipCoin!


Great job FSC team! very nice to see the dev process rolling and be involved in this project!

Looks solid. Thanks, followed you.

Thanks for the follow!

I never know this coin until today. Guess there are lots of coins I have not go look into it.

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And you didn’t mention the new explorer and website I’m doing:)

You're right, I will update the post

Good work friendshipcoin. Keep it up.

friendshipcoin you done a great job,thanks