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RE: Trevon James Brown is promoting a new scam called CryptoTab... here's what you should know.

When i joined steemit it was the time trevon and Bernie were having there "War" and it was funny.. watching him being flagged out of steemit. His account has not been used in a while, so maybe he is off steemit or has a new account


He created a new account, and now is just using bots to make Steem, so he can't get flagged.

Is there nothing the witness community can do about someone like that?... someone who just rips off the community?

Nope, not a thing, hence why I don't think Steemit is sustainable going forward. Imagine just 100 Hodgee Lee's joining Steemit, what would that do to the platform?

Its going to kill it my friend. I think i see more reason with why you made a post about why steemit is not sustainable. And by the way, on a Jovial note... i have been checking my USDT wallet everyday since that day and nothing yet.😃

Oh! You don't know? There was some problem for @tolkatore to send USDT to our accounts. Hence that contest is called off...😁

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