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RE: Did You Know You're Part of a Financial War?

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And just today I read this: "As cryptocurrencies increasingly capture the imagination of people, corporations, and states – a process which is already occurring on a truly global scale – the perception that the US has unbreakable financial power will wane. This could help open the floodgates towards the adoption of a cryptocurrency as the global reserve currency." (Smith & Dumieński at CryptoNews) It's from a piece titled 'Rise of Cryptocurrencies Could Curb American Power' -- I think the tipping point for crypto finally happened in November of 2017 and I have a lot of confidence in what will happen moving forward.


It could be the tipping point as well as the moment it got on the radar clear enough for the power players to treat it seriously enough to go after.

Yes, but LedgerX had already gotten into crypto futures last summer, well before CBOE, and LedgerX is made up entirely of former GoldmanSachs employees and members of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. November seemed like the tipping point for me because that's when my mother entered the crypto world; she's a good indicator of the non-early-adopting mainstream. lol

Hahah! I can't argue with the mom evidence. That's powerful stuff!

Interesting about LedgerX. I had forgotten about them.

There may be a slight shift away from the US dollar as crypto-currencies shift, but the overall power of the United States is not likely to change. Even if everyone adopts crypto -tomorrow, the USA will still have enormous power military and economic influence in the world. This power is from exporting things people want. Iron, Salt, Food, Gold, Tea, and Oil have all been commodities of international power. While I can site 20 trillion reasons why I think the US government has been irresponsible, most foreign governments have been more irresponsible.