LightPayCoin [LPC] 🚀 – ATMs and contactless NFC payment coin with great ROI 1500% and daily volume 500.000$, daily income 400$ [THE FUTURE IS HERE]!!!

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Lightpay Coin (LPC) was launched on 29 of May - still a very young project. LPC works upon a Proof of Stake/Masternode based reward system. LPC coin that will differ from others, simple use, multi-functionality, security, and most importantly a new technology of NFC contact-less payments with the ability not only to pay for goods, but also cashing LPC through ATMs to USD, EURO and POUNDS.

LightPay Coin (LPC) is a new type of coin that combines the achievements and innovations of previous generations of coins. LPC did not just create a coin to bring it to the market, exchange or merchants. LPC team created a coin that will enable people and every coin owner in particular to feel its uniqueness. With daily use LPC people will be able to feel its advantages.

LPC contact-less payments use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, each LPC investor will be able to download the application from the Play Store and install it on their phones, hopefully at the the end of summer or early autumn to pay for different goods, services or exchange LPC at ATMs for USD, EURO or POUNDS.

LPC marketing team has representatives in about 7 countries at the moment including USA, UK, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN, INDIA and this is only the beginning.

🔔 Cooperation With University of Central Florida

LightPay coin has just recently signed a cooperation deal with the University of Central Florida to improve the grounds for contact-less payment systems. LightPay and UCF (University of Central Florida) will cooperate in the implementation of contact-less payments using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology on phones Android and IOS devices, as well as the installation and launch of the first ATMs in the United States. LPC team plans to hire best developers/Programmers from the University who will work on for improvement in the LPC blockchain and other similar functions.

🔊 Exchanges And More...

LPC is a privacy oriented coin with PoS/MN reward system. Lightpay coin has already launched their Windows, Linux, MAC, and Android wallets.

As of now, LPC coin is traded on about four exchanges, CryptoBridge, Stocks.Exchange, SoutchXchange and Escodex with a daily Volume of about 500.000$ and total Marketcap $5,183,842 USD. LPC coin has stable price 10$/per coin.

It is expected that LightPay coin will be added to CoinExchange market in the current month and to Cryptopia in the subsequent month i.e August.

Sweet steady growth right? It's a dream market run with no sit-backs so far.

📰 Coin Specs/Stats

Here's a breakdown of some important must-know coin specs;

💰 LPC and The Future

LPC plans to participate in the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City that is scheduled on July 11th -13th. LPC is on the list of sponsors of the conference and paid a whooping sum of 10,000$ for the same purpose. The plan is pretty simple to get more partnerships and get the brand name out there.

CEO/Co-Founder of LPC, Damon Bryant, PhD, will be featuring on the main panel to talk about LPC and their future plans. This is the same panel that will feature other notable cryptocurrency leaders such as John McAfee (Keynote Speaker), Patrick M. Byrne, Matthew Herrick and many others. The conference will be streamed to approximately 25,000 people live across the world!

In August LPC will be listed on Cryptopia and in Autumn on KuCoin Exchange. During the same period several contracts will be signed with different merchants and Banks to process payment cards and activation of Android and iOS applications for contact-less payments.

Just recently, LPC team signed a deal with CoinInfo News, CoinCodex, more than 25 YouTube channel, Masternode statistics websites and cryptocurrency news websites to spearhead the marketing campaign and create a buzz.

I have heard that LPC team is currently shooting a film about LPC achievements for the month, the film will be released next week. You will be able to watch it on their YouTube channel. For now, let's take a look into their latest LPC promo film.

If you still don't understand, this latest interview with CEO/Co-Founder of LPC, Damon Bryant should help clear some of the concerns and a little bit insight to the future.

📇 Resources and Links

If you would like to read more in-depth about LPC visit any of the following resources or any of their social platforms for live chat.


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Hi @ghayas , thanks for sharing about light pay coin. After reading this I researched and went to crypto bridge and got 10 LPC to stake. They are around 10 usd each now.

I have a few questions about staking:
1- The stake earnings are payed daily, weekly or monthly? The aprox 30% of roi is yearly or monthly. The table shows around 30% for 60,000 to 70,000 block correct?

2- To stake, do we need to leave the wallet open all the time, or just place the tokens there, and set it up, and then we can close it, and staking continiues?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Regards, @gold84

Yeah, 10 USD and will be soon 15. Just a month ago, it was only 34K sat. Current volume on CryptoBridge is 80 BTC since last couple of weeks.

  1. The staking is proportional to the number of coins participating in the staking pool. At best, you should receive daily payouts. The more you stake the more are chances to receive rewards. I think the ROI is yearly (not sure though, I will edit this comment once I hear from the team).

  2. For staking, just transfer your coins to the Desktop wallet, finish Wallet sync and leave it open. Do not Encrypt your wallet. The small icon in the bottom of the wallet should be able to show you the status of the staking. If you do not wish to maintain your own wallet, alternatively you can join different pools that can be found on their discord server.

Hope this helps.

Keep all development in the blockchainosphere coming, may the best, strongest and the fittest crypto survive.

That's the plan. Let the innovation keep coming.

I agree too, though the names and platform are already getting too similar to each other, their marketing strategies keeps getting on knocking the internet space.

I have been keeping an eye on LPC for a while now. I must say impressive market run on the CryptoBridge Exchange. The trading activity is useful for any coins. LPC goes a long way..

Great article, ghayas!

nice information about different coins

Thank you :)

I'm not sure how Lisk and Ark are compared when saying that you "missed the boat".

Lisk has over $2B market cap and Ark's market cap is under $400MM... So Ark would need to grow 500% to hit Lisk's size.

I am not sure what your comment is directed to..

Coin (LPC) is it a type of coin or sometimes called ordinary coin or the same as bitcoin ??? the coin can be used as a means of economic transactions ???? Usually coin is round but this is not always the case. A coin usually has two sides that show the value of money being represented and the opposite side.
I ask because of the birth of various currencies in the world and how does this coin (LPC) work?
Very good post ,thank you !!

Yes, of course it can be used as means of transaction. That's what it for. LPC aims to improve the contact-less payment system as explained in the post. Tx

We need to be able do differentiate 'physical coin' from 'digital coin'. LPC is the latter type, I'm sure. And of course it can be use for market purposes like you have been doing with STEEM / SBD all these times. The better news is that users will also be able to cash it to some 'traditional' currencies via ATM.

Yeah, The ATMs will be fixed in many places. As discussed above, LPC is in talks with different merchants to increase the utility of the coin.

I dont really understand coin technology but I think LPC is bringing it to the next level. It's like way closer to its users.

Stick to my blog and you will get to understand every coin in the least technical terms possible.

A good place to learn and gain knowledge. Thanks. 😎

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@ghayas, I do not understand anything written

Ask a question if you don't understand.

Hello! This sounds great! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks appreciate it!

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Thank you, means a lot.

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Thanks you brother

Sounds good but the Masternode price is very very high. Out of my reach lol :)

Probably because the performance of the coin is exceptional.

Probably because
The performance of the coin
Is exceptional.

                 - ghayas

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