PAC [People’s Alternative Choice] - 🔊 Fledgling digital currency $PAC attracts top tier Silicon Valley talent

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$PAC is a third generation peer to peer cryptocurrency. Built for the people, lead by social governance. $PAC aim to become the most efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is available globally. Interestingly, $PAC is not new to the Crypto game at all. The journey starts from back in the 2013 when cryptocurrencies were a little known commodity.

🔔 $PAC is Rebranded And It's Reigning

Originally founded in 2013 by William Corliss as the Pacifica Nation’s official coin. Almost exactly four years later the Crypto community rebranded and relaunched PacCoin. The coin was launched with a new purpose and direction. The present day coin now stands for the People’s Alternative Choice coin. The PacCoin network of developers has joined hands together with the community to bring PacCoin back into the top of the Crypto world.

🔊 ...And Now The GOOD Things Are Happening

Just recently, $PAC announced that Joel Lunenfeld, previously Vice President of Global Brand Strategy at is the first of the most recent appointments on the advisory board for the $PAC project. Also joining the team is Chris Gomersall, former Creative Strategy Lead for . This once fledgling project which, no less than 7 months ago was ranked at the very bottom of CoinMarketCap’s list of digital currencies, soars to a spot amidst the Crypto carnage lead by Bitcoin in the global market.

In the words of Joel Lunenfeld;

The power of PAC is the community driven purpose. A network effect can drive governance, ideation, and co-creation from our community. We are excited to see the many uses and applications of $PAC our users create.

Chris Gomersall, Ex Creative Strategy Lead at Facebook and Instagram, and former marketing agency executive, provides the necessary experience to take $PAC to untouched markets and to solve the issue of mainstream adoption faced by many cryptocurrencies in the space.

Both Joel Lunenfeld and Chris Gomersall brings a new life to the PAClyfe, one of the main roadmap objectives for $PAC. Developing a social media platform is no joke and this is where both of them will prove handy along with their years of experience in the social media sphere.

PAC's four C's

📇 Roadmap

$PAC’s value proposition is strengthening day by day. In fact, $PAC is quickly overtaking other projects in the crypto space that have been around for far longer and this bodes well for future adoption. Here's a snapshot of the planned future.

📰 Coin Specs and Stats

Mining CategoryMasternode+PoW
Blocktime150 Seconds
Block Size2 MB
MarketCap$28.57 Million

Masternodes are not just a regular stream of income but also helps in time like these when the Crypto world is bleeding across the board. You may not always make money with HODLING or Trading but with masternodes your bank balance increasing constantly at a certain rate.

$PAC masternode ROI is currently about 95.28% with a total of 49.2% coins locked in the masternodes. For more in-depth details kindly visit Masternode.Online.

If you would like to get a masternode or grab a few $PAC, you can either buy at Coin Exchange, Cryptopia or Crypto-Bridge.

It is clear, that from the most recent induction to the team and the potential partnerships and connections available, this project is certainly gearing up for a significant run within the cryptocurrency world. 🚀

I guess that pretty much it for now, if you would like to read more in-depth about $PAC visit their whitepaper here or visit $PAC webpage. If you have any questions you can drop them below or reach out to the team on any of the following social platforms.


:۞:••:۞: Thank you for Reading :۞:••:۞:

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interesting project I like it

David hay has said good things about about Pac coin! I am inclined to beleive in it!

Pac coin time and many west project

pac coin be grate project

I remember a few months ago this was the last place cryptocurrency on, wonder what its at?

By the time I wrote this article, it was 248. Pretty goo eh?

a must read info. thanks a lot!

To be honest when the redemption time i got some pac but after i saw the price after that i felt bad
But hope pac coin price will rise in a soon future

i hodl'd pac for AGES.... this post makes me a little sad :(
if only i'd hodl just that little bit harder

$PAC making noise these days. They just spoke a few days ago at Cryptocompare conference along with other leading coins. And gearing up for more conferences in the coming weeks.

was 1 sat when i had it.. and i had like, 100k of it :(

im never gonna get out of this slump :(

ok, I will buy that pac coins soon. Thanks for information.

Great deal. About a day to go get listed on the TopBTC exchange. #MoonSoon

Project is good..and the devs are also..but 90% peoples have losen money during their swap which is 1000:1 ratio.

yo hago masternode con paccoin :)

@ghayas bro how can you confidence about pac coin .you write a good blog on it but . I am not sure about pac was a good future. Can explain me .

I am in the hodl pac community

I want to know more about all this so good. I am interested in this I want to learn about this all. this seems like a promising thing

Sure, let me know what you need. I will be happy to answer your queries.

Hey buddy, real awesome post, but am kinda lost

The coin was launched with a new purpose and direction

Explain to me the purpose and direction of $PAC
I really wanna learn more about PAC, your post explains alot but not to my understanding 💁🤷
Nice concept tho buddy
Thanks for sharing this

As the title suggest, this is more of an update article than an explanatory one. But I tried to add the basics.

The coin was launched with a new purpose and direction

$PAC has been improved from its predecessor PACcoin in every aspect, $PAC encompasses the latest in financial technology, transcending blockchains that are currently being developed. I suggest, you read the 4th and 5th page on the whitepaper for details.

Thanks alot man💦

Definitely an interesting read. I've tried to avoid trading other crypto since I got burned by those pump and dump clowns last year, but I may give this some consideration.

망한 코인 인줄 알고 장년에 1억 넣다가 5천 손해 보고 빼는데 아니 군요 아놔 ㅜㅜ

Thank you. The last Crypto ride was savage. But I believe that low priced coins are good for trading. There's a good chance to earn than to loose. Of course you need to pick slightly better coins with certain edge. $PAC is decent.

que buena informacion gracias

New emerging talents will further emerge out crytocurrency has created a lot new opportunity

Exactly, the game is stepping up. I believe the decentralization techs lead by Cryptocurrencies are going to takeover everything and adjust a lot of people that otherwise were left behind in the race. You can have your own business within no time.

Sound exciting

Another one is booming. I'm still in the learning stage in terms of crypto. It's really hard to understand the different features and waves of each one but then, we are all grateful for having such peeps like you @ghayas for the patience of teaching and answering our queries.

I will be checking on it. Thank you for sharing this awesome information!

Thank you for the kind words, feel free to drop your questions.

i heard i'll be listed on can you please confirm ?

I am not really sure. The team is working on several exchanges including Binance buy I guess didn't get selected for the community voting there. So, yeah may be they are considering delta too. But not sure, I will ask the team.

Wow, there were some big names that have come to help out on this project. I will start looking into this one now! Thanks!!

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@ghayas thanks for sharing this great information , i always love your content is base on new and trusted cryptocurrency update

Thank you for the kinds words, means a lot :)

Pac is sheet coin nothing future its only hype.

@ghayas I really need an answer, what is really the purpose (value) of the pac coin and how can we benefit from it? I really need that part to explain properly for me.

As of now it's worth about $0.007. You can get yourself a masternode and enjoy steady income.

Please tell me, how can I get this masternode?

You will have to buy the collateral amount of $PAC i.e 500K. Once you are done with that, you can find some video tutorial on their discord or webpage that should help you with setting it up.

Okay, thanks for explanation.

I believe you copy.

I seriously need to do some research on this..... Thanks for the information...

Thank you for paying a visit.

It looks really promising
I hope they would be able to get a large number of people to use it's platforms
All the best guys

a well educated info about $PAc it is great to be aware that it has been Rebranded. thank you for this amazing post.
Keep up the good work.

Wow, so $PAC has it own cryptocurrency, it actually reminds me of the PAC video game, way back early 20s. In this new dispensation , its good that cryptocurrency has beging to take over gradually and with PAC creating a massive movement in the crypto world with is decency and uniqueness. Wanna ask, with the recent price, there's still possibility of the price going up?

Thanks for sharing this piece. @ghayas

That was a classic game...

Price is currently under one cent I guess.. All the coins are down so can't predict anything. But good days are coming soon, that's for sure.

@ghayas yes, have always told people to always HODL..

I should add this coin to my portfolio

You should!

paccoin will be in top 100 crypto in next bull run

I am in loss in paccoin but not going to sell in loss until 10x profit. I have some old paccoin can anyone suggest me how to do redemption, please.

They have a dedicated channel for redemption on their Discord. You should be able to find some tutorials or technical help there.

Definitely looking forward to collect Pac, Goodluck team PAC.

Nice post, I didn't know about @PAC before but now at least I have an idea, nice concept.

I have buy 40000 but fock and return 40 pac coin. Felling sad

I m not able to sell my pac coin last two month..plz rply

Just go to Cryptopia or CoinExchange and execute your order.

Every way we live through life must be able to bring the lesson to continue the path. Because the path of life is so long and meaningfu

is there any airdrop or bounty for this coin ?
wish i have some coins free

Check out their Discord channel for #Bounties.

I dont know much ab cryoto rite now but i have noticed that pac coin dosent deserve to go beyond 100 sat its all whales game

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Excellent work friend @ghayas from @Venezuela always supporting your post, I learned a lot thanks to your work ... Congratulations is still men ...

Very nice and informative post...keep it up :)

After your post i shall invest in paccoin. Thanks for informing us.

That's a lot of responsibility you put on my shoulders. I just hop that $PAC plays out a great deal for you. Thanks

잘 읽고 갑니다.

저도 좀 ....좋은 정보 부탁드려요^^..

All information like this should be read at least for almost all people that pretend work with this financial world. thanks for sharing it.

The financial world is shaping tens fold, one needs to be updated with the latest fashion in town. Thanks for paying a visit.

Очень познавательная статья. Спасибо

This looks awesome. Masternode coins are big deal these days. I like the name, People's alternative Choice. We need something to replace BTC and put an end to this chaos.. Thanks good info.

great review i learned alot

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can't say it will rise in future!
already the competition is strong!

Looks nice. The name is indeed really catchy and I hope that it lives upto it's name. I will keep it on my watch for now.

Today's PAC price has fallen to 0.00668595 USD.


How is pac any different than something like litecoin or dash?

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I love the idea of ​​knowing a bit about the world of cryptocurrencies ... I want to learn about all this so wonderful! I hope to have people who really want to contribute a grain of sand in favor of mutual learning!

I assure you will find some wonderful coins on my blog. Since the market is down and out, it's probably the best time to beef up your crypto knowledge. Tx

I love the idea of ​​knowing a bit about the world of cryptocurrencies ... I want to learn about all this so wonderful! I hope to have people who really want to contribute a grain of sand in favor of mutual learning!

What's up mate? Good post... Enjoy life! :D

Thanks man for paying a visit. :)

Great Info. Thnx :))

Nice news

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