Pre-Beta CARDBuyers Online Shopper platform | Amazon, Apple, Paysafe Cards | Updated Whitepaper Release 🌠

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✅ If you are not aware of the CARDbuyers platform take a look at this introductory blog. It explains all you need to know about CARDbuyers vision towards digital gifting industry.

In this blog , I would like to introduce you to what's coming for CARDbuyers and what you should expect. Although, it's still too early to say anything but the direction CARDbuyer is heading towards, is worth highlighting.

One of the less frequently considered market when it comes to an expanding economy is the gift card industry. However, sales and usage of gift cards have increased substantially over recent years. With younger generations more interested and engaged with an online, e-commerce driven retail economy, it should comes as no surprise that gift card use is flourishing. Given the opportunity, CARDbuyer takes a lead in the digital gifting space.

CARDbuyers is an innovative application that promises to fill the gaps between customers and gift card industry. Now, you can safely use crypto to buy all of your favorite Games, Books, Apps and many other countless things.

CARDbuyers lets users manage gift cards, and to also gift them to other users. They have also recently launched the option to buy gift cards with BCARD (pre-beta). CARDbuyer aims to accomplish this by allowing users to buy and exchange gift cards within the transaction protocols of other mainstream cryptocurrencies (primarily BCARD). They intend to develop the platform to ensure secure and independently verified transactions for both card sellers and crypto users.

This sort of approach eliminates the problems of verification in online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook. Instead, consumers can actually sell their gift cards to others and use the ecosystem to put up collateral for a sale to ensure buyers receive what has actually been listed. BCARD platform is catered for those participating in the growing gift card industry by allowing them to their sell cards to other consumers without any worries.

With CARDbuyers you make an investment, you reap rewards, you can then use those rewards to purchase whatever you want via gift cards available online or you can increase your holdings for greater rewards or get out at any time. The beauty of it is that it will hold its value and be resistant to volatility. Your BCARD will be working for you always.

BCARD will disrupt the gift card market leveraging the blockchain to generate revenue in ways that have never been done before.

The inherit immutability of the underlying distributed ledger technology efficiently solves the decades old fraud problem of gift cards industry, and it makes a massive difference between how the ownership and sale/purchase of cards is handled currently and how they are handled on the blockchain. I believe, adopting blockchain technology in the gift card industry means that users and businesses can finally have a peace of mind when it comes to security and hassle-free one-stop shopping.

📇 Take a look at the pre-beta platform here. Please know that it's merely a dummy and will need some fixing. This should only be considered just a glimpse of what's in store. Visit here

:۞:••:۞: Thank you for Reading :۞:••:۞:

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Superb information..
Hey dear @ghayas today i am so happy because my old post bitcoin price prediction analysis was perfect and now hit 1 target / resistance 1.
Look my btc chart today post 🤗🤗🤗

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masternode coins race continues. :)

i am interested in seeing how the details all work out.

I saw the card buyers platform when they first got listed on And in all honesty I thought it was a scam coin.

Now I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t take it more seriously and buy a node while it was dirt cheap.

Live and learn I suppose.

For all I know so far, it's a legit coin.

So far BCARD has been great. The community is always active and fun while maintaining a professional manner where necessary. The masternode ROI has stayed consistent even with 550+ nodes running.

There is no other platform like this, to my knowledge, that allows you to buy gift cards directly, instantly, and without annoying conversions to BTC or fiat.

Yup, So far so good!

Wow! Amazing to hear its now lot more easier to buy using #crypto.
How do I start?

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check out Cryptobridge.

Surely and thank you for response.

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This is one of the best blogs for those who are new in the crypto market and they don't know about the best trading exchange option.

Thank you

hi @ghayas

It has been a while since I've hear from you so I decided to check your blog and see if you're still around.

I've noticed that you're not very active lately. having a break? or did you give up on Steemit? (hope not)

ps. your post is already a bit to old to upvote it. till the next time :)

Yours, Piotr

Hey man,

Yeah it's been long since I have written anything. I took a long break figuring out life, but then who has figured it out anyway. So, I would probably be back anytime soon.

Thanks for checking up on me. Appreciate it and hoping everything is well on your side.

Oh I love this. Trying to figure out life is such a great and huge rabbit hole :)

I hope you were not in any depressive mode @ghayas ?

ps. Im getting married in few days. cool, right? :)

all the best

Lol, no I wasn't in a depressive mode but I am in one right now :) It's nothing new to me... :p

Getting married? Sounds awesome. I wish you the very best.

nice article ghayas, as allways!

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