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It's well-known that companies around the world are rapidly increasing their use of freelancers for different tasks and labors. Not only is it cheaper and thus a more efficient use of resources, it's easier to find a qualified candidate due to the number of freelancers currently looking for work. Although there are a few centralized intermediaries currently at large and providing this service--Upwork, Fiverr, and the like--they have not yet implemented any form of blockchain technology. Stipend plans to emerge as the leader in this rapidly expanding sector, and is currently in the midst of developing an extensive, quality platform for freelancers that will securely and transparently operate on the blockchain.

Their platform, currently in active development in alpha, is perhaps the first clean, stylistic, blockchain-based solution for freelancers and has a good chance to be able to compete head-to-head with the centralized giants once finished. Not only will Stipend's native currency (SPD) be able to be used for payments, but a vast swath of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and more, will be listed on the platform following its launch. Only SPD, however, will come with a lack of fees.

The freelance industry is massive and is only growing larger. Not only is it extensive in the number of individuals currently looking for work, the high rate of turnover means that companies are always looking for new hires. Upwork published a study in 2017 that states that the freelance market is worth more than $1.4 trillion in just the United States alone. Stipend plans to bring its various technological advancements to this space by providing the convenience of quick transactions, minimal fees, and much needed decentralization and transparency to the freelance market--not just in the United States, but across the globe as well.

The fundamental flaws inherent in most platforms currently operating in the market are their excessive fees--some amounting to more than 20% even before any payment processing charges are included. If a freelancer wants to get paid via credit/debit card, the charges are even higher due to anti-fraud inspections and overhead processing expenses levied by credit card companies. Likewise, PayPal fees also take a generous cut out of any paycheck and bank transfers. If such fees weren't bad enough, most methods also incur significant delay--taking up to a week to clear, with faster options costing even more. Beyond payments and fees, there are countless other areas ripe for improvement, including ensuring work is timely and of sufficient quality, payment is made to the right individual, any disputes are properly settled, and more.

Generally speaking, the entire process is inefficient, costly, and tedious, restricting the untapped supply and demand in this already rapidly developing sector of business. Stipend aims to solve all these problems.

The Stipend platform is the medium through which anyone can post and look for a job. Anyone is eligible; the market is divided into categories just like Steemit. If you have any skills that you're looking to be paid for, simply pick the right category and look for an interested client. This approach helps to make the search seamless and take the shortest time possible.

The Stipend currency (SPD), as mentioned above, will not be the only currency supported on the platform. The team plans to list many other different cryptocurrencies, so the client and freelancer can jointly decide which to use for payment. However, SPD will be the only choice that incurs 0% fees on the platform.

Take a look at these exclusive screenshots, gifs, and animations:

Each freelancer has the opportunity to be rated after every task completed. Those who are rated the highest will receive rewards on a month-to-month basis. For a more in-depth review, you can browse the platform currently hosted here.

Stipend is a masternode-based coin. This is only a plus to all the other features, and ensures that you receive recurring profits. As of now, there are a total of 742 Masternodes online, with 3,710,000 SPD locked inside, leaving 3,698,849 SPD for circulation in trade, exchange, speculation, and other purposes. Stipend masternodes currently return about 95% ROI yearly.

In order to create a Masternode of your own, you need 5000 SPD as collateral. You can buy the SPD on the CryptoBridge Exchange. Here's a table that gives insight into how the reward structure of the coin works:

Block NoPoW RewardsPoS RewardsMN Rewards
1015 SPD0 SPD0 SPD
20110 SPD0 SPD0 SPD
30115 SPD0 SPD0 SPD
40125 SPD0 SPD0 SPD
150115 SPD10 SPD25 SPD
2100010 SPD10 SPD25 SPD
2400010 SPD8 SPD12 SPD
4200010 SPD4 SPD6 SPD
6300010 SPD2 SPD3 SPD
8500010 SPD1.2 SPD1.8 SPD
1890001+0 SPDHalvingHalving

The Stipend team will be speaking alongside other prominent crypto individuals at the Delta Blockchain Summit in Malta in October. Other speakers include the CEO of Binance as well as even the Prime Minister of Malta. You can check out the complete list of speakers here.

The event will be held from the 3rd to the 5th of October, and is the perfect place to present the full, working product to a large audience of eager investors. I hope that the Stipend team will make good use of this opportunity.

The Stipend team is very active on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and many other forums including Medium. The team publishes comprehensive updates of their progress every two weeks on their Medium page, make sure to pay a visit there. If you would like to get ahold of the team, visit any of the following resources:

Webpage: https://stipend.me/

:۞:••:۞: Thank you for Reading :۞:••:۞:

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Yet another useless coin from you, @ghayas. Until crypto gains mass adoption there will be no employers on the platform anyway.

You are entitled to have your opinion.

But let me tell you the purpose of my blogs. I explore obscene coins and put them on the spotlight. Most of them are for short term gains. Some of them have proved to be good coins but it's obvious that not all of them will make it to the broad day light. So, the coins that I blog about are low key coins and for minnows only that could potentially benefit them without investing a large chunk.

Sounds a lot like Latium. there are people there but the tasks it asks people to do are pretty menial, huch as "sign up to my referral link and I will give you 0.00000025 of a coin"

Hi @ghayas, thank you for this very nice post, i am the rapresentative of this company who want develop industry 4.0 with cryptocurrency and i think this is very good chance for us, i will let you know the results!

"I'm new to Steemit and just did my introduction post! So happy to meet and follow new people ! Looking forward to more awesome posts from you!

Sure, thank you.

Thank you for this empowering info @ghayas! I am a freelancer on Upwork and the charges are ridiculous, but opting out with a client to work externally can be detrimental! Up to $3500 charged to secure a legit and "fair" exit!

I will most certainly check this out

"I'm new to Steemit and just did my introduction post! So happy to meet and follow new people ! Looking forward to more awesome posts from you!

There's a lot of potential in the Freelance industry and those who are in early will probably reign for longer. I am not sure how the masternode coins will pave their way in long term as they often fade after some time. Hope SPD goes a long way. Seems good.!

Great nes ever bro

you spend alot of time to make post more informative thanks for the info

Looks like it has a lot of potential

"I'm new to Steemit and just did my introduction post! So happy to meet and follow new people ! Looking forward to more awesome posts from you!

Absolutely amazing words for the effective time management strategy, actually when we are thinking of some work to be done it is not only the money matters but there are many more factors which work within our mind and heart (significantly). Just like the example of the lawyer in the article, may be he is loosing $160 but he may be enjoying the carwash by himself & subsequesntly he is taking a brake from the tension filled office life for few hours and the same would be worthless in his eyes. Some people said to me that if you want to be rich or successfull you have be calculative like that but in my eyes I cannot prefer to be rich over my happyness always.
However everybody is having his personal view and I really liked the way you expressed. Upvoted>>>

Great to know this freelance platform.

Do you think that if the freelancing would be associated with the blockchain technology there is any chance of earning for the crypto investors in that.??
Will that work??

Yes, of course why not. Freelance is a massive industry and there are a few coins including SPD aiming for penetrating that coin. But as an investor to benefit from the market, you have to be on the right boat. Find your boat.

Will that have any future.???

Looks cool. Thanks.

Wc...appreciated it

Wow that's great I am also a freelancer. I will try to attend here.

Very good. Post looking professional blogger

@ghayas nice information thanks for sharing.

@ghayas I am freelancer working on different freelancing sites. We have to give almost 20%-25% of our earnings to the platforms. Will try this platfrom frr sure. Thank you for sharing this information with us..

Definitely you should try. It's still in Alpha but with the user influx things may change quickly.

Thank you @ghayas
I'm sure this post will be helpful for many users. Good post :)

One of the developers of this project connected me on LinkedIn a while back. He thought I'd be interested in the ICO because I'm a freelance writer. Nope.

Hi @ghayas

Amazing review buddy. This tool is what I was looking for quite some time already. Something similar to Fiverr but build on blockchain.

I wish they would change their name. Stipend is an awful name for a project. Not catchy, hard to remember. And doesnt sound cool at all :)

The fact that Stipend is offering masternodes will only attract more attention. It got mine already! :)

Again great project and I love your writing. So easy to read and understand.

Have a great day buddy,


Thank you. I will let the team know that you didn't like the name at all xD

Steem is the best blockchain ever! I've never experienced an online community where my desire to create has been so uninhibited. I'm free to create content as I wish and others are free to read it. The beauty is in the simplicity and uncensored nature of this system that affords us a place to be free and explore.
There is no place like home and Steemit, to me, feels closer to home than I've ever gotten before as a creator. Truly a blockchain of opportunity and for that, I say thank you so much.

How is it different from experty? Is experty more a tool and this Plattform more a intermediate?

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it is such an amazing platform. we can see that our world and the way we handle currencies are becoming more advanced.

Nice one.
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Very good post sir

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