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Many of you are probably as irritated as I am by all the ups and downs in the market. It's been long since market is in this dormant kinda of state. I wish I could say enough is enough. It's neither really going up or nor down. In fact, I'd say the market is teasing investors. But one thing that resulted in the past 6-7 months downtime is that Bitcoin is way more diversified than it was ever before. In simple words, Bitcoin has reached the pockets of many minnows that otherwise were leftover. And it is safe to say, that the rich list is trimmed down.

But what if you could repeat all this allover again? What if you could make it to the rich-list? What if you had a coin that is more scarce, more private and quicker than Bitcoin could ever be? Isn't that sounds too intriguing to find out about? But before I move on with this blog, I want to make it crystal clear that I, in no way, shape or form comparing SUB1X to Bitcoin rather, just stating the dynamics and introducing you to something unusual before you miss it.


SUB1X is an ultra low supply, community driven cryptocurrency. It started off as an ERC-20 token. SUB1X distributed 80% of the coin supply in airdrop to those who participated in the process. In order to achieve their long term goals, the development team decided that creating a dedicated masternode compatible SUB1X chain was the best way forward.

The interesting thing is that SUB1X didn't hold any ICO or Pre-SALE period. So, whoever got their coins was only via Airdrop which makes it a very fair method of distribution - as no one holds massive amounts or in other words there's no monopoly in the SUB1X market. Take a look at the rich list here.

In addition, SUB1X is decentralized at it's core and I believe that's what makes it even more appealing. The masternode holders actively vote on proposals and once passed, it moves down the pipeline to development phases. Just recently, The OmniAnalytics group ranked SUB1X 20th out of 320 masternode coins. You can take a look at the previous proposals and community voting here. It's always a good sight to see coins sticking to their core principals without bypassing the community. After all, it's the involvement of the community that empowers any coin.

...Going Stealth Mode

SUB1X implements the Zerocoin protocol for security and anonymity. For those of you who don't understand what a Zerocoin protocol is, think of it like a camouflage for your activities on the blockchain. Zerocoin protocol gives you the security to send, receive and HODL without anyone knowing or tracing your public addresses. Your stalkers can no longer trace your funds/wealth in the cryptocurrencies. As a result, payment can be made across the SUB1X chain with complete privacy.


SUB1X is super low supply coin. It has the lowest supply of any Masternodes coin. This would probably make it one of the most highly valued masternode coin on the market. As of writing this blog there's only 23,741 SUB1X in current supply. Do not forget that SUB1X is a masternode coin and a lot coins are locked in masternodes meaning that they are not readily trade-able. Which leaves us with a very limited supply for speculation/trading.

SUB1X not only has an extremely low current supply but it also has an extremely low inflation rate. With this ultra low supply and ultra low inflation rate the coin supply has been calculated to remain under 1,000,000 coin supply till 2056.

SUB1X Premium Club/Steemit Style Forum

The SUB1X exclusive club provides an affordable decentralized resource center for investors in the Masternode space. This will be done by attracting key influencers, focusing on exclusivity and creating a multi-incentive rewards based system to encourage quality content production.

The premium club is only for masternode holders. Those who have access to it can write blogs and publish contents on the forum. Users can Upvote and comment on the blogs just like we do on Steemit and will get paid for the same in SUB1X.

Additionally, all members of the Premium Club are entitled to monthly SUB1X. This will be created via a governance proposal that assigns 100 coins to a single dividends wallet. These coins are then staked and the returns are pooled together at the end of each month.

So, what does this means for you? In simple words, you can add another stream of income and earn more than what you can with any of the masternode coins out there.

Coin Specs - Masternode

Coin Supply23,741
Block Reward0.05 (80% MN - 20% POS)
MN Collateral20 SUB1X
Maturity10 confirmations
Block Time60 seconds

To start a masternode of your own you would require about 20 SUB1X worth 0.01903329 (approx $145) BTC only. You can buy SUB1X using CryptoBridge. There are only 499 coins available for sale. This detailed video tutorial should help you with setting up a masternode.

As of now, there are about 524 Masternodes online which explains a lot about the investors mode i.e; long term. There are about 10,480 coins locked inside masternode which makes it about 44% of the coins in circulation. Which I think is a pretty good healthy ratio for any coin.

Market Performance - Activity

The spread between buy/sell seems to be very a healthy one for traders to make some money. Needless to say that in times like these the price has shown a good resistance in the past couple of months. As of now, one SUB1X is worth about $7.25.


Would you like to earn some free SBD? Here's what you need to do.

  1. Write a blog about SUB1X with no less than 100 words. Feel free to use resources available in this blog or any other official forum.
  2. Join the SUB1X Discord here: and drop your link in the #blogging_competition channel.
  3. Wait for the official team approval.
  4. Enjoy your 2 SBD reward.
  5. Max 25 participant will be rewarded.

As always, you are expected to DYOR - but if you have any questions, feel free to drop below and I would be happy to answer. Alternatively, you can reacha out to the team via any of the following mediums.


:۞:••:۞: Thank you for Reading :۞:••:۞:

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Oh wow, another useless coin, how new is that!

This one will worth more than BTC! :D

Sure it will. If people see BTC for the useless crap it is, compared to its successors. Seriously, it's obsolete and super overvalued.

Exactly. Especially when Dev's try to revive coin which had already died on both of 2 exchanges (0 trading due to 0 demand).

Coin which is actually a copycat, have Dev's being months behind roadmap and doing nothing to create atleast some kind of HYPE.
Then you end up with coin with virtual $100k marketcap - virtual because nobody is really buying.

Doing nothing? They are implementing masternode governance - you can see proposals here: And all coins are down man. Noone is really buying anything now and price doesnt reflect if coin is good or bad.

Proposals are worth nothing if you let the train ran away from you for too long.

Noone is really buying? Top 10 coins by trading volume have $10 bln daily trading volume just on major exchanges.

Ethereum classic (crappy ETH fork) daily trading volume is $100,000,000.
SUB1X daily trading volume $0 - $100.

I understand that you are frustrated by buying SUB1X to run masternode and you are left with literally nothing.
Don't blame me for betting on horse ridden by slow DEV's. This is fast game.

@ghayas, not to rain on your parade, all the luck with this, but you basically plugged "every coin ever thought off"..
I can use the pitch: Its faster then bitcoin. Its secure. It has airdrops. It protects annonimity. It has low supply... For a million and one coin.

But the question is... What does it bring new to the table?
Im not sure investors are as nonchalant with their cash as they were before.

The fact that they're deliberately trying to inflate the price via low supply also smells a bit.

or probably they are not as rich as other to keep pumping (illegally) the price once in a while and came up with this conclusion to issue a low supply so that the price can take care of itself.

I do admit that it's an interesting coin. I'm looking for a masternode coin to invest in right now so this is one that does actually look reasonable. There are just so many to choose from and so many shit coins.

Well,smart cash seems ok.

Yes thats why price is so low. Cos there is lot of shit masternode coins...and people dont know what to buy - lot of these projects are are scams. But sub1x not. They had some troubles with exchange fork and dev could just runaway but he didnt. They solve the issue and continue with hard work.

  1. It has masternodes. 2) They are trying to implement masternode governance in same way that Dash has. Yeah nothing new but its a nice start. After that the coin can take any direction that masternode owners wants. Low supply is good for publicity and keeping price up

Masternode Governance has been implemented.

Yeah thx for correction I am living in past :-D

Thanks for the heads up! Upvoted!

Wow, learned a lot about sub1x from this amazing article! Definitely an interesting crypto project to follow and invest in. Thanks for writing up this information and sharing.

Pleasure. Thanks for paying a visit,.

Very many coins are growing today, various types of coins are very famous. Glad to announce that SUB1X has been added to the community voice list on Oodlebit Exchange.

Awesome! you did some digging hun xD

There is a flood of masternode coins out there..low supply does not make it special.

Agree, no mention of the team either...

And which of these masternode coins have implemented masternode governance? I know just Sub1x and Sucre. Yeah maybe there is few more of them but all others scam coins dont have this and never will cos you need to do something for it.

Agreed. It doesn't make it special but it does make it 'valuable' - pure economics.

You are correct low initial supply does not make it special. What does make it special is the low inflation. Most of the other masternode coin networks have insanely high inflation rates. With the SUB1X block reward capped at 0.05 or 72 coins per day the low initial supply will remain a low supply for a long time. WP is being releaced today. Stay tuned.

Great information Aby SUBIX so if I need this coins the. Is it listed on exchanges ???? What the possibility of it growing

Upvote my comments and reply

you can buy it at cryptobridge

The exchange they are on is very shaky. People complaining that balances can not be withdrawn. See here:

You are correct . . . Or partly correct. Cryptobridge from time to time has troubles with the bitshares gateway causing withdrawals to get stuck.

ohh??????? God I will Cover My face And buyed full of that Coin ....

Hello Dears

Tell me Which 5 coin is Best for invest.. Those give back 10x++ profit in this year..

Now i think about ETF... How can manage my current cryptocurrency sell or HODL

thanks for the info

Looks like an interesting project but at 20 X current price of 715.00 US that is a hefty investment. Due diligence is needed.

I think you misread it. Last time I checked it was only worth between 5.5-7 USD.

Good offer, but from where I make its block, steemit platform or other else...
Then how about the tag, what we can put as first tag or following it, thanks 😊

The features are still unknown. It may or may not be the same way how steemit works. But the Upvote and revenue features are likely to be.

Owh...thanks for the answer @ghayas

what is subix

Good information, learned a lot

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OMG. That's very low supply. Not sure if the low supply would work in favor or not. But looks great with the MN and other income streams. Thanx for introducing this.

Deserves some more marketcap.. Better than most of the crap.

What is new?

i'm the new person for this side i hope all of you help me

I'm new person of this site... i hope all of you help me

This looks like something i want to join
thanks for another nice crypto post Ghayas

Suena interesante!

looks like this world will get a lot of virtual currencies

lol. It sure will... And that's a good thing.

Sehr guter und sorgfältig recherchierter Beitrag, weiter so

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