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Byteball team is doing a give away to all steem users based on their reputation. But there is one catch for you to verify you identity on Byteball you will need 0.0006 GB. Since you will not get the airdrop until you verify your account you have a catch-22 situation here.

I faced the same situation and had to purchase 1GB from Bittrex. I verified my account and got the airdrop. If you are struck and need 0.0006 GB message here so that I can transfer the amount to you.

Please make sure to comment your address in first level comment so that it is easier for me to find and track.

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Can you please improve @steemladder's code ? It is non-acceptable that it spams the comment sections of new users. If it would be just a single comment, I wouldn't like it but it would be ok. Actually there is a @steemladder comment up to four times under a single post.



Ah my bad. I had added a condition for posting the comment only on posting and not on update. Looks like I messed up something. I will check and fix it. Thanks for brining it to my notice. I am looking into it now and will fix it sooner.

Thanks :)

I have fixed the issue now. I am using

SELECT (parent_author + '/' +  parent_permlink), COUNT((parent_author + '/' +  parent_permlink)) FROM [dbo].[Comments] 
where author = 'steemladder' 
 AND created >= DATEADD(day,-1, GETDATE())
 GROUP BY (parent_author + '/' +  parent_permlink);

To track the number of comments on a post and I am getting only one comment. I will monitor it for couple more days.

It's always good to go through your posts.. everything is so perfectly done in your blogs be it the photography, the content or the way of your presentation.

I love to see more blogs from you, followed you :)

Not sure if you would get some time to go through our blogs about personality development as well , and suggest if anything can be improved -

Oh its great that team doin well great

Could you send me plz the 0.0006GB for account verification? My address is: DLNDIC7UX2FKJQETUK3HYMKMP76R2YI2

Done. Please check and confirm.

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