You're welcome ;)
I also decided not to increase my number of SBI shares too much the last time, since I invested more than enough now. However I'm still positive on how it works so far. If only the STEEM price could go up again...

I'm with @goldrooster when it comes down to SBI. It still blows my mind how much steem is send to get shares while a basic look at the numbers quickly show it's a model that is not sustainable and extremely fragile. If anything it shows how much a need there is for programs that guarantee some upvotes. I also very much rely on them and am with peter on this one that it really keeps people motivated.

I'm always on the look out for new projects and concepts like this but it's hard to find good ones. I appreciate steem-ua, but many who selflessly delegated just to be part of the hype already undelegated again and the upvote values have dropped a lot. I dropped my delegation to make-a-whale because it felt like I was supporting them instead of the other way around, quartor pretty much is the same story along with jumbot. I like minnowbuilder because you know part of your sp is used to support good smaller accounts even though the return is limited. I'm now testing out @lifetimebot and will also have a look at @steemraiser. I've seen silvergoldbotty aroud but doing the calculations it's also a -EV deal.

I also recentry read about @automation, @banjo and @cleverbot in order to get some extra upvotes but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

Great to see the upvotes from @upvoteshares are helping out a bit !

I believe I just gave you the information you can not be evil and be good one must choose a side.

The time has come to welcome spring, and all things warm and green.

I agree that it is fragile. Let's hope that doesn't mean it breaks...

I'll definitively check out those services as well. Always good to know what possibilities there are.

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