EOS first round buyers getting a tidy profit. FOMO setting in, don't chase your FOMO

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Remember there is 358 days of this sale to go! - Don't be a FOMO Junky

Think this through, the price rise is unsustainable over a full year, unless you're betting on Ethereum tanking.

So the first 5 days of EOS token sale ended with the cost of each token being .003 ETH. The second period (1 day) the price jumped to double that, .006eth. Period 3 is looking set to close above .015ETH per token. I won't be participating in period 3.

The price on Bitfinix will effectively settle on the period 3 price by the close of period 3 by the looks of it.

I am no expert but I'll be waiting a while before I invest further. Taking a cautious approach going forward, the quick profit phase appears to be drawing to a close.



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