A Little Bit of Cryptocurrency

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I am new to this kind of technology and made me asked myself - What is Cryptocurrency? I've been seeing posts in my facebook account about Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, bitcoin mining, and so on. Today, I've conducted a little bit of research about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is Digital Money

Yes, it is a digital money. It was designed to be secure and anonymous in some occasions. This is closely related with internet that uses cryptography to, basically, convert sensitive information into a form of code that cannot be or hard to crack.

Dating Back to the World War II

Every time there was a need to send information in the most secure manner - Cryptography is always on the list. Cryptography has a history dating back to the World War II. Since then, evolution took place and now it has become digitalized where different computer science and mathematical theory are being applied to formed the most secured communications, money, and information online.

The First Cryptocurrency

It was in the year 2009 that the first cryptocurrency was introduced to the world. Since then, many more cryptocurrencies have been saying "Hello Word!". Today, there are already a lot more that you can find available over the internet.


This is just a little bit of cryptocurrency. My next goal is to know how cryptocurrency works. Just a little bit of it.

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