Bitcoin mining question - need some advise

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

Hello, im planning to start mining bitcoin. I already have an idea what to do and where to start.

Just wanna ask... do you really need to run your pc 24/7 or you can just mine like for 4 hours and next day another 4 hours of mining?


You are too late for mining :/
Unless you are China
CPU -> GPU -> FPGA -> ASIC -> China

Maybe check into Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Silver?

Thanks for the link. I will look at it.

What type of bitcoin minning do you want to do running only PC? The new Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork?

Only in the PC

In most cases and most locations, mining does not provide a lucrative income amd you can often be happy to get out the hardware you invested. Don't underestimate the difficulty change that will occur.

Thus if you are not somehow technically addicted having some power machine at home that runs 24/7 ... better invest in the currency, you think it will grow. You more likely will get out more for your money.