Do you want to earn BCH?

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I found a website which is

It is almost with what we are doing here in this platform. We write and we earn. There are some different though. Through that platform we don't earn tokens, we directly earn points which we can transfer to our wallet as BCH.

I just started yesterday and I earn and transferred my first BCH to my remitano wallet. I found out today that I can also earn from their affiliates program, so here I am sharing my links to all of you.

The registration is free but there are some rules to the voting part that I have't fully understand yet. The only thing I know now are if you write more than 200 words you are passively earning too. If you comments other writing more than 60 words is also an earning without anyone else upvoting your post or comments. It somehow let us collect points like esteem and partiko which we can get some Values.

I just started yesterday but I believe that it is worth the share. I also found someone trying to register to steemit but it had been 25 days and he haven't got any reply yet. Any one know anything about the singing up in steemit?


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