How to Find Affordable Masternodes

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That’s right, it’s time for yet another installment in this video series covering ways to earn a passive income with crypto.

Today it’s all about masternodes.

If you need a refresher for what a masternode is, I want to encourage you to check out this link.
Now that we’re all on the same page let’s take a look at some of the better known coins that offer masternodes.
Perhaps the best known is Dash, this one requires 1000 dash coins, at this point it’ll cost you about $1.1 million.
Other relatively better known and slightly less expensive options include PIVX, CROWN, Iconomi and Transfer Coin.
Not all masternodes are created the same, they differ in the percentage for the payouts and how often the payouts occur. Dash pays you once a week, Pivx pays you every day, and CROWN coin pays you multiple times a day for example.

Here are some things you’ll need to consider before deciding if a masternode will work for you and which one to choose:

  • Cost of the coin
  • How many coins are required to hold
  • Cost to host the masternode
  • Frequency of the Payouts

It’s important to note that although masternodes are a great way to earn a passive income with crypto, they do require some work.

You’ll need to purchase the minimum amount of coins, download their official wallet and store them there.

This is the point you will need to reference the maternode guide for that particular coin. Each masternode is unique and the same can be said for their setup. I’ll provide links down below for the more well known masternodes but for the lesser known and more affordable options I’m going to have to let you do some digging of your own to discover how to set up your masternode.
You might not need to rely on your own constantly running server to have an active masternode. There might options to hire others to host your masternode, depending on the coin.
These prices do vary so be sure to calculate these costs when considering your Return on Investment.

Here are two great websites to check out that show you some details about a whole bunch of masternode options.
one shows you the cost
in regards to purely just how many coins you’d need to purchase and hold in order to qualify for a masternode. These differ greatly, from millions of dollars to just above the $100 mark.

This other site shows you the ROI or Return on Investment that each masternode will give you. Keep in mind that these numbers are current and are no guarantee that these returns will continue long term.

Here’s what I think

Take your time investigating these masternode options and apply the same critiques that I’ve demonstrated in my past video here. Keep in mind that masternodes are often big investments that have the potential for amazing returns. It’s worth your time and money to do your own research and decide which coin is worthy of your investment.

Additional Reading/Sources:

Investitin Covers Masternodes
Website for Masternode Prices
Website for Masternode ROI
Dash Masternode Setup
PIVX Masternode Setup
Resource for Many Masternode Setup Guides


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Awesome post. Masternodes are gonna be the way t go to earn passively with cryptos. I am still kicking myself in the head for not buying $DASH earlier this year even though I had loved the coin since late last year. One project I am hoping will be like $DASH in terms of utility and return is $TRC. Also a great community and dedicated developer. But if I had the money, I would invest in nearly all the masternode coins even if not in hosting the masternodes.

This is too hard for me, i better invest in icos and alt traiding

It's only as hard as you make it read more about it

Have you heard of ExclusiveCoin? It is not too expensive to buy the coins for a master node.

This is some of the most informative videos on Steemit. I wished more steemians shared ideas about earning more income, in which and any way.

Sorry I missed this one.. I wish we had better notifcations :(
Resteemed for ya tho!

All I could think about while you were doing this Video is how COLD it must be where you are at Heidi. I am sure you can't wait to get back to the Tropical Locales @heiditravels...........

Thanks for sharing. What are your thoughts about SmartCash?

I live in Denver Colorado, I will be your personal chauffeur in the Bitcoin Express! I charge 17 Steem to pick you up to and from the airport! Please contact me if you need a ride! Thanks Brian in Denver! ✈️🚙✈️

Just subscribed to your YouTube channel and watched a 4:00 🕓 min advertisement.

Eeww. Thanks for the heads up, I'll check out reconfiguring my settings there.

I think something else which really needs to be taken into account is the daily trading volume. There is no point buying something cheap if you can't sell the coins received at a later date.

Thank you, Heidi, for these highly informative crypto tips, often presented with gorgeous, scenic backgrounds! It’s really inspiring that you’ve taken your passions for travel, nature’s beauty, and the crypto revolution and found ways to creatively monetize them and create a joyful, adventurous life for yourself!
Steem on and have a Happy New Year!

Bean Cash (BITB) is also very profitable for staking Or Sprouting. With 100,000 bean (cost about $930 during this writing).
You get 1000 bean in about 1 week. That's like 1% interest per week or 4% a month or 48%+ a year (more interest since you will compound your bean every time, the more bean you have, the the faster you get bean interest) . Can buy Bean Cash on Bittrex and other exchange and transfer to your wallet to earn bean cash. Check it out at or a calculator at

Your post is so good and standard. I am just upvote your post plz upvote my poste @hrishikesh

thanks for sharing your knowledge

Great Info hit me up if you wanna chat about the topic. Thanks for the post.

Really most of the informative post about thanks to @heiditravels.

Very interesting, thanks you 😁😁😁.

Thank you for sharing your information on masternodes that have not been unknown to many people @heiditravels

Thanks for sharing!

Great post, I like to invest masternode much, and I got good return, and It is not easy to find good masternode coins, some masternode coin were created by one or two devs, they seems know crypto less, those coins have good ROI, but can't go long (I guess )

Hmm, this definitely needs a further look, I'm always looking for ways to build a passive income streem. Thx for sharing.

Is this a viable step for beginners?

I'd say masternodes are much more appropriate for those who are comfortable in this crypto space but are looking for smart ways to invest their crypto in a way to get some added payouts.

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My only issue is when payouts (ROI) and node differs per site, especially if I also look at for further masternode comparison. Are there sites which are more reliable then other masternode sites? Is the data provided on the sites accurate?

Since ROI changes as quickly as price changes I can understand why it's difficult to find reliable information. This is also all the more reason to dig a bit deeper into these coins and decide for yourself if they have a real future and chance for price appreciation. If that's the case than you shouldn't worry too much about your ROI :)

I understand. Your reply is highly appreciated

@heiditravels the Masternodes are an excellent option to have passive income, I work myself to realize the MN configurations, any question you can contact me

Very cool, thanks for letting me know. I might be referring people to you in the future if you don't mind? :)

Sure, contact me by telegram or twitter

I have never heard of these until now. May have to do some more research. Thanks @heiditravels. I am just got into mining in September and the learning curve with Crypto is insane.

Heidi, Thanks for sharing this. I would recommend checking out some smaller masternode coins Innova, Magna and Desire. They have high ROI and are real upcomers.

Master node previously gave return , but now ROI is not enough for alt coins and new coins have only bet for good or bad. So now days very tough to decide on master node setup.

You are so helpful! thanks for sharing @heiditravels! looking forward for your next video!

An excellent post, @heiditravels, and really informative. You've actually inspired me to join Steemit and write my first post, just to add a little more information about Crown, since they have SystemNodes as well as MasterNodes, which are a much more affordable 'entry-level' node, as well as being the basis for some of the really exciting features that they're working on (I'm not part of the Crown team, but I am an active part of the community). I'd love it if you could have a look at my post too and let me know what you think. I'm guessing it's bad form to link directly to it, but hopefully you can find it easily enough from my profile!

SmartCash Masternode is coming up soon.. 10k Smart needed (about $4000-5000 with current price) in addition from node you get SmartReward as well.. Worth it..

This is good information especially now that the world of crypto and blockchain is receiving a lot of attention.

@heiditravels, excellent post as usual. Any comments about SmartCash masternodes? Cheers

Thanks that question has been rolling around my head all week

Found your stuff on Youtube...jumped over here and can now support you more for your awesome posts! Thanks:)

you explain things very well. thanks for helping me learn something new. I going through your youtube channel now :-)

Hey, dear @heiditravels nice to see you. Yeah, what the awesome article you wrote to share with us about 'master nodes'. I am trying to guess it properly. Anyhow thanks for your super post.

Great article and video Heidi. Do you have any ideas about finding new Masternode projects early?

I don't think that every masternode project finds its way onto or straight away. Cheers

very interesting post...
thanks for sharing it...
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Wow I feel I need to go read all your posts for I can get shiploads of useful information. Thanks so much look forward to reading your future posts. 👍

dear @heiditravels nice post.. thanks for sharing

I've just started my third Masternode and loving it! Thanks for the great article. I've run XCXT, OMEGA, and ARTX. Artx was by far the easiest and there were some simple guides online.

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