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Building on my previous video which pointed out just a fraction of the misinformation that can be found regarding cryptocurrency wallets, I think it’s good to every so often provide a list of contributors to this "cryptosphere" who in my opinion have proved themselves to be reliable sources of accurate and useful information.
This video really doesn’t need much of an introduction other than I’ll be saving the best for last (or at least my favorites for last) so I’ll just get right into it.


If you’re interested in all things trading with Bitcoin and other cryptos there is one I’m comfortable with directing you to:
Todd Blackburn has a Youtube channel called 51 Percent Crew that focuses on chart analysis and trading signals. He also offers classes through his Patreon account.

If you’re looking for options in regards to cryptocurrency news as well as interviews and updates here are a couple other Youtube channels that are pretty consistent: Ivan on Tech, Crypt0, and Boxmining.
Keep in mind that each of these channels also have corresponding websites so if you want to check out what else they have to offer, that’s probably a good start.

If you want to dive deep into the world of Bitcoin specifically, I highly recommend checking out Jameson Lopp’s blog posts and articles. I also want to introduce you to Trace Mayer, he has a podcast called Bitcoin Knowledge.
Both of these men have lots of knowledge regarding the technical aspects to Bitcoin as well as a firm grasp of the implications this new kind of technology can have on the world moving forward.

If you want to dive deep into the world of Ethereum, you can’t leave out that one guy who loves cats and played an integral part in its very creation, Vitalik Buterin, but he’s not the only voice in the Ethereum space. There are a number of different developers and personalities who want to do good in the world, one of these is of course Griff Green, he helped create Giveth, a platform that brings transparency to charities. And I also want to mention Taylor Monahan, she played a big part in maintaining MyEtherWallet and has since moved to MyCryptoWallet. I suggest checking out the “Help” tab on that site and reading up on the many articles written there.

Alright, last but certainly not least, not even in the least bit least, I want to introduce two popular voices in the crypto space.

First, Andreas Antonopoulos, I’ve already made a video that goes over all that he’s done to evangelize Bitcoin so feel free to check that one out, but I want to encourage you to check out his youtube channel and also his book, Internet of Money.
I’m going to finish this video of recommendations with Max Keiser and his show on RT, Keiser Report. You can find episodes The Keiser Report on Youtube as well. I’m a fan because he covers a whole bunch of different topics but from very early on he’s been an advocate for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space. Not to mention the fact that his wife is an awesome co-host and this sets the stage for fun banter as well.

If you want to check out any of the people I mentioned in today’s video, I’ve supplied links to a lot of information down below in the video description.

I know this is by no means a comprehensive list, so if there are others who you think deserve some acknowledgment for their efforts in this cryptocurrency space, feel free to leave them down below in the comments along with your reasons why.


Trading focused
Todd Blackburn 51 Percent Crew Youtube Patreon

Mixture of trading and news
Ivan on Tec
Omar Bam

Trace Mayer Twitter
Jameson Lopp Twitter

Griff Green Medium
Vitalik Buterin Twitter
Taylor Monahan Twitter

Big Picture
Andreas Antonopoulos Youtube
Internet of Money
Max Keiser RT


You start the vidoe by saying "who is you crypto trading sensei. With out a double it would be Chis Dunn. He may not be topical. But he is no bull shit.


Side note. The chrisdunn steemit account is a fake scammer.


thanks for the information - good article

Awesome! I will definitely be checking the people that I don't already follow!

The biggest thing with any of these guys is never to follow them blindly.
Personally I like Suppoman but you have to cut through a lot of BS with all of them.
Anyone that tries to tell you where a price is guaranteed to be is a shiller and needs a smack in the chops.

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Why do you like Suppoman? I've been getting a lot of comments warning about him on my Youtube channel.

He's made a number of enemies in the space, a lot of people don't like him. He can be an acquired taste.
Admittedly I haven't watched many videos in the past maybe 2 months, before that I generally only really watched his videos. He did a lot of ICO and project exploration explaining the pro's and cons with some subjective criteria.
He doesn't go so much into price predictions, but on some ICO's will give an opinion occassionaly on what he thinks it may be worth in the long term.

The thing I don't like about him is that he does try to push you to his udemy courses, but everyone is out to make money in their own way.

But as I said before, I don't trust anyone 100%.

crypto tips for the number one spot

Always great to know, can never learn too much in regards to who's who. Thank you

well done again on the video, NEW PERSONAL LOGO EXCITING WORLD CRYPTOS june 26 2018.jpg

Thanks so much. I always appreciate all of your videos and feeds. They help me alot and sure save a lot of time for me. You make this all more user friendly and simpler.

Thanks for the tips. Max Keiser has been one of my favorites for a number of years, mostly for news outside of crypto. Ivan on tech, has no problem with telling the good and bad. Of course Andreas is trying his best to enlighten all us folks. Thanks again, just found your channel. Happy travels.

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