Hi everybody. I joined WEKU

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Hello steemians today i wanted to inform you that i joined WEKU.
You might already wonder what weku is ?
WeKu is a blockchain based social media website that uses the Steemit (UI) user interface. It is the same as steemit in almost everything. You can post your blogs, include your images or videos.
It also has the same system of upvoting & downvoting.
You will earn WeKu tokens, WeKu power, and WeKu dollars.
Exactly like steemit your post rewards will be payed-out after seven (7) days, and the value of your vote is based on your voting power.
As we all know and are familiar with Steemit the more votes you get and/or the more powerful votes you get the more rewards you will receive.
The same thing is applied into Weku too.
Here's a picture of my profile in weku:

  • I do not have any idea on how to check my vote power except for voting my own posts or others comments to know my vote value, (i guess thats a bit smart thing to do) .

  • I did some research after @exe8422 showed me this platform but i could not find weku listed in any exchanges or coinmarketcap. I guess it is not traded anywhere.
    Therefore it actually has no value.
    Whatsoever , we all know what happened with steemit so the same can happen with weku too and i see it as a good opportunity to join early so thank you my friend @exe8422.
    I already made 1 year on steemit and i met many people and i really wish i would have known about it earlier but even this way i'm still happy because i've met many friends.

  • According to the white paper the ICO should be late this year or early 2019. The Weku token is going to ICO on Ethereum and there will be a total of 400 million tokens available to trade after one month of ICO. So currently the token has no monetary value.

  • WeKu is new platform. So now is a good time to get on board and earn some WKU before you be like me with the steemit issue hehehehe.

  • If WEKU's platform gets the attention it needs and many people join it, i would say it can rise up just like steemit did but this one will do it quicker because we all know everything there is to know about blockchain based social media platforms.
    We proved that in steemit xD.

  • The reputation in weku grows much faster then steemit and it can be a good opportunity to make yourself well known and trustworthy to be followed by others.

  • Right when you start weku you are in control of how much vote value you want to give to someones post in percentages even though u will have 100 wku as a starter.

I see weku as a good opportunity to start this early.
Weku is giving me the second chance to grow fast in the early times of this platform so get you account locked because creating one takes no more then 2 minutes of your time.
As simple as that. Just make sure you save your password.

I also forgot to mention that weku has referral program too so you can invite your friends to join through your link and earn together which makes it easier to grow up and be a whale inthere.

When you create the account you get 100 WEKU power and your vote will be like 0.15 so it's amazing and easu to grow.

If you didn't join yet here's my referral link:


Create your account so nobody steals and profits from your work and see you into weku platform.

Good luck & take care guys.
Full steem ahead 😎

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Ok my friend jexus77
I can see you are still new in steemit and here its getting harder to grow but in weku you can grow faster and thank me later.


The earlier you join the faster you grow.

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Hey there my fellow steemians. I ivite you to join weku.

Weku is a decentralised social media platfor that uses steemit user interface.

Simply put a steemit clone.

The platform is still new and people are joining everyday so they profit from the early times of weku.

In 2019 their token will release and hopefuly it will be succesful.

We have seen what happened with steem so this can be a good opportunity.

Follow my referral link and lock in your account now.


It takes less then 2 minutes to sign up.

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...and now you're gonna spam this blockchain with your comments?

Relax i was just trying to help

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you are spamming this blockchain by inviting others to another blockchain that has no coin on the market... You are helping yourself... Just stop it

I already stopped but thanks for the advice anyway

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