Saved some money to invest in crypto !

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Hello my fellow steemians i hope you guys are having a wonderful day.

Last year i invested 2,000 euro in crypto and i boght ripple with 1k euros and the other part went to ethereum classic and iota and holded the coins for quite some time.

I ivested those money back in april of 2017 and sold the coins on january.

I was able to earn really good because i bought xrp for 0.28 cents that was my bestbuy and i also profited from etc and miota too.

For me it was a wonderful year because it gave me a car and vacation in antalya hehehehe

Whatsoever... This year i did not invest in anything yet and i saved some money from time to time just to have them ready if prices go really low.

I was able to save this amount (750 €). Watch the picture below:


Those money i saved were mostly tsome tip that i got while working and half of them came from extended shifts of work 2 days a week.

I told my brother i'm about to invest in crypto again and he gave me 100 chf (switzerland frank) and they look pretty. I love them. You can also watch those yourself below:


I also aded more and made it 1k so i will invest it this year and i'm ready to make the move but i'm just making plans what to buy and hold.
I'm also planing to buy some steem and power up so i can have a better vote power to support my friendly followers and other good content.

However. I decided to buy Ethereum, Digibyte, Siacoin, Cardano, Litecoin and Steem.

I will use steem to power up and i'm planing to put other cryptos on hold.

Normaly people do not share this information nowadays but i want to show my opinion to my respectful followers and also take advices from all of you so please let me know your opinion in this case.

What would you have invested and why ?
Any advice is welcome. Please do not hesitate.

Let me know about anything that's roaming around your brain...!

Allright i'm outta here.
Peace & full steem ahead.


The truth is that I don't seem to know which coin has a good prospect at the moment.

I would say Steem if you're looking at a very long run otherwise I would suggest bitcoin since all other Cryptos always follow its trend.

PS. Are you only interested in investing in Crypto or would you consider Crypto platforms as well?

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Glad you came my friend.
Your opinion is always valuable.

Ye i will also invest some on steem too.

What crypto platforms you're talking about ?

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Currently, I'm examining a platform and will put up a post about it Latest on Tuesday. I wouldn't want to spill it out just yet.

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Hehehe awesome. Then i eill also check it out too.

Can't wait to check it out..

Just do not forget to tell me about it just in case i might miss the article.

Do not mind me i work a full time job too so its hard to chase everything thats why i made this blog so i can take any advice

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OK I'll reply with link either here or any other latest post of yours.

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Allright understood

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you are literally a cryptobillionaire compared to me hahaha, you are encouraging me to put together my own portfolio!

No that is not true.
Compared to you... I live in the poorest country of europe that is not even in europe either even if u say balkan still the poorest.
What i am is a proffesional bartender who gets lots of tips and saves all those money everyday living a simple life without any luxury things.

I do not spend much so i am able to buy some crypto since cryptocurrencies became my favourite profitable hoby.

This year im going to try my luck too and i hope it goes well.

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Thank you @followforupvotes i appreciate it

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Thank you too @esteemapp & good-karma you guys help minnows alot.

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