BitNation - choose your state on the blockchain. Decentralized system of management services.

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11 BitNation’s commandments:

  1. We are the Birth of a New Virtual Nation
  2. We are a Future for Our World and Humanity
  3. We are Sentinels, Universal and Inalienable
  4. We are Creativity and Visionary
  5. We are Rights and Freedoms
  6. We are Tolerant and Accepting
  7. We are Polity and Entity
  8. We are Privacy and Security
  9. We are Openness and Transparency
  10. We are a Dream and a Reality
  11. We are Bitnation

Have you ever thought about why you are citizens of this particular state and the procedure for changing citizenship in some countries is extremely painstaking in connection with the fundamental requirements of the constitutional order and the decisions of Parliament? Why cannot we live in those countries where the administrative arrangement is more favorable for us? This question bothered me many times, but I discovered a lot of solutions in blockchain technologies. “Bitnation”? When I first heard about the concept of this project, I did not understand how it works. I saw it only as a token with which it is possible to earn good money by buying it cheaper and selling more expensive. Nevertheless, I looked into it in more detail way and understood that it is a revolutionary product. I recommend to everyone to download the Beta version and see it personally, because it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times

General information:
The work on the product "Pangea" began in July 2014 from the first marriage contract on blockchain and the start of work on the first constitution in the blockchain. The basic information and interest from venture funds and business-angels appeared in early 2015 from the moment of the announcement about the product version 0.1.0.. The revolutionary approach to problem solving has attracted interest from many news sources and the platform began active work on stability and a wide range of functions.
The most significant experiments of the project are: the first marriage registered in blockchain and the first blockchain-passport. “Bitnation” also developed a land cadaster and successfully tested it in Ghana, There no ownership rights are registered in 70% of the lands, that discourage the investment and lending on the security of land.

After studying many of blockchain-protocols, the developers from “Bitnation” for the release of the first “Pangea” release joined forces with the founders of the “Horizon” and “Blocknet” projects. It was decided to create a new kind of protocol called “Panthalass Gossip”. This new protocol combines the advantages of the protocols: “Secure Scuttlebutt” (SSB) and “Interplanetary File System” (IPFS). The alpha version use the blockchain "Horizon", but "Blocknet" technology will provide support for other blockchain-platforms too. According to Tarkowski-Tempelhof, the future releases of "Pangea" will be on the blockchain "Ethereum" and "Bitcoin".

Cryptocurrency become more and more interesting for all segments of the population. The revolutionary projects changing the system of the same type of social behavior is most appreciated. Due to the liquidity of the coin is expressed in organic growth, a kind of hype.
The recommended investment platform is promising from the beginning of the availability of a work product at the stage of beta testing, nevertheless pleases with the opportunity to get a review. The active team of the company is also makes eye happy by and, in general, the project looks extremely positive for the start of the investment capital, but then again without any guarantees.

30 second exposure

General Information on PAT tokens

Product Name: PAT
Price: 1 PAT = 0.0951 USD
Total issue of PAT: 42,000,000,000
Number of tokens allocated to ICO: 14,280,000,000
Hard Cap: 30,000,000 USD
Dates of Token Sale: 25/04/2018 - 05/25/2018

 Information resources of the project:

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Thanks for the review

Its a very interesting opportunity to be part of this

Thanks for the info! I was just looking for a decent project for investment.

I really liked the project, I hope that it will have many new members who will continue to participate in it.

Great idea for the project! I will invest!) Thanks for the review! There would be more such projects.

Заинтересовали проектом, спасибо вам за обзор, пожалуй присоединюсь и поучаствую.

Thanks for the review and for the detailed list of official links. Interested, I read more of their site.

Спасибо за ревью! отличное повествование! все аспекты ясны и теперь хочется еще пристальнее следить за командой основателей и их детищем

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