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The “Blockshipping GSCP” is positioned as a company specializing in the registration of container (sea) cargo transportation with a focus on the market for more than 25 million containers, the cost of which is equal to 12 trillion USD. Those goals and tasks that are facing the project will strengthen the common positions in this market and will increase the annual inflow of finance.
The main problem is the real-time register and tracking of deliveries, which is why many companies suffer annual losses and are looking for different ways to solve this problem, excluding the workflow. Integration of blockchain technologies eliminates many problems beyond the aforementioned due to accounting in the form of smart contracts and block registration.

Many companies that carry out cargo transportation are limited only by documenting and they use outdated accounting records and a system of legal contracts, the costs for which exceed 5 billion USD a year. And also the time factor due to which each shipment of cargo must undergo a number of unnecessary operations. The founders of the “Blockshipping GSCP” in this market for more than 40 years and they are acquainted with a most of problems. The launch of ICO will have a positive impact on the entire industry and, most likely, the company will be an example to follow, thereby spreading the positive impact of blockchain in all areas of application.

Owing to the intra-platform token, all transactions will be interconnected and recorded in the blockchain at the heart of a single smart contract. All foreign exchange transactions are transparent and provide 100% reporting of each transaction, all the frauds are reduced to 0.
At the core is an organic-to-use application with a display of all the necessary tools. The beginning is registration in the GSCP network, after which the cargo will be placed in a specialized container equipped with a chip, which includes a smart contract with a full range of data on the freight of the container. It will be possible to track all actions and changes associated with a particular container.
At the moment, the project has an information base that affects the overall perception of the startup. Firstly, is that the Danish cryptocurrency trading and brokerage firm "Coinify" announced its first collaboration with the corporate partner "Global Shared Container Platform". It will be the processing the “Ethereum” and “Bitcoin” conversions collected in the original issue of the “Blockshipping coin” (ICO).

In addition, private large active projects in the person of "MAERKS", "", "CargoX" are interest in the project. The listed companies are operating in the market of sea freight. "MakerDao" is also a strategically important partner. The cooperation is aimed at working together to transform the global container shipping industry, which can significantly reduce costs and CO2 emissions. It is expected that the partnership will accelerate the development and availability of "GSCP Blockshipping" through the use of the proven by "Dai Stablecoin" system DAO to manage the GSCP platform.
Also, everyone understands that "Blockshipping" is the first Scandinavian ICO aimed at improving navigation. This served as an excuse for securing the support of the project on behalf of the investment fund “Danish Maritime Fund”.
And that is not all. Due to the primacy in the Scandinavian market of blockchain products, the Danish Maritime Fund took the initiative in implementing periodic support for the "Blockshipping GSCP" in their activities. Strategic and operational guidance, as well as consultations will help the project to develop faster. And also, the well-known fact that the matter concerns is “ICO Framework 2.0”, which increases the security of investments due to the fact that the ICO is legally secured and this is the responsibility of the large legal firm “Kammeradvokaten Poul Schmith”.

However, what we are specifically interested in is that allows access to passive income! Thanks to the whole ecosystem, a regular stream of income is generated, which will also be aimed at encouraging participants to acquire the company's assets in the form of tokens. It is, of course, about the CCC tokens.

The "Blockshipping GSCP" emission is in the form of tokens of two types with different destination since one is inside the platform (CPT), another one for the realization of all kinds of foreign trade operations (ССС). The intra-platform token CPT is designed for clearing and settlement between participants. The percentage of turnover of which will go to the pool of total revenue, after which it will be transferred to the owners of the CCC of tokens, depending on the amount of the company's revenue per month.

To stimulate (reward) owners (holders) of CCC tokens, a model for distributing the gross gross income of the GSCP platform has been developed. The system is designed in such a way that the external token opened for CCC trading cannot affect the stability of the internal CPT token and its price is fixed at 1 USD. Nevertheless, the internal token can and should support the value of an external token by sharing revenue based on transaction volume on the previous month's GSCP with external token owners (CCC). Initially, 20% of the gross revenue from transaction charges paid by CPT to GSCP will be distributed to CCC token owners. When the monthly income grows above 0.5 million USD, the percentage will gradually decline and stop at 1%.

Purchasing CCC tokens will make you a part of this global project. ICO currently operates with a minimum threshold of $ 100. Is it worth it enters? It's up to you. The project is for the long term. Working product with an excellent starting point is doomed to success.

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P.S. This material is posted for your reference. Not a financial advice. I do not encourage you to participate in any ICO. You need to understand and consider the high risks of investing in ICO. The content expresses the author's personal opinion. The author is not an expert in the field of block technology. Always conduct your own analysis before investing in any ICO.


Good overview! The project is interested. Thanks to the author.

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very necessary project for society, thanks for the information article

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project with great potential

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