CardStack is the ecosystem of combining applications in use on the blockchain. Organizer on the blockchain.

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Greetings to all following my blog about promising projects on the blockchain! I suppose many people who will read this article, faced with this project, a lot of aspects of which require detailed study. Lets try to put all in order, because the order is the one of the major advantages “CardStack”!
“CardStack” is a decentralized ecosystem of combined SaaS dApps applications on the blockchain.
The project began its existence in 2014 as a design studio in New York. Its ideology consisted in realizing the vision of the project as a real use of the necessary tools. The project attracts attention and the first investment for development in the amount of $ 3 million by coordinating efforts and gathering the team representatives. Thereafter, the project begins active development of open-source codebase and conclude the necessary partner agreements. Since the beginning of the expansion of the development, design, and product updates with a multitude of variations, the purpose of the development of start-up is to become a multifunctional set of tools located in the cloud, based on the advantages of blockchain technologies in order to accelerate and optimize all existing necessary things to utilities and paid software. From the beginning of the product development, the team identified the following problems of modern.

The first issue of “CardStack” is highlighted as the "App Store" era, which consists of disparate applications with a different set of functions. The negative factor is that all applications are paid and there is no model for combining the functionality of the data tools that the startup plans have to implement.
The second problem is related to the requirement to authorization and providing your personal data The third problem “CardStack” identifies as the lack of optimal solutions in the form of combining the functions of a dozen applications in one, and their further interaction as a unit.
Besides to the application market, this situation also occurs with cryptocurrencies, which are actively divide into different spheres of application, so that is their specific functioning (purpose).
The solution is quite basic, in my opinion, in the approach of the use of the required content to us, which leads to the minimization of cost and time. As I mentioned above about the organizer, the essence is to bring together all the necessary in one, the same principle has “CardStack”. You own have the right to create the most favorable environment for the performance of your work, because of the following solutions:
CardSpace is own development, which includes a multi-publishing network on a blockchain that combines the benefits of WordPress, Associated Press, membership card press
dot Blockchain Media - At the moment, all functioning music applications dont fully pay the author for his/her content. Thanks to blockchain there are no third parties and money for purchased music comes to the musician directly.
dot Blockchain Media is built on Intel Hyperledger Sawtooth, that directly connects each user to the Cardstack Hub media library.
MONEGRAPH - it is a business ecosystem for creative individuals to help realize your creative works. And much more…
All toll transactions will be carried out by a CARD token, more about it at the end of the article.

In such a way is illustrated the interface of the product, where in the section "Libraries" you can choose for themselves all the most demanded software.
All of the above description is presented in a simple verbal formulation, since I do not find the point of describing all the problems of dApps and SaaS applications, the essence of the existence of which will be upon the edge of a knife after the release of the "CardStack". Because, thanks to all the benefits, you alone can configure everything you need on your desktop application “CardStack”.
The final result is a full-scale integration of everything necessary for daily use and work:
In turn, all the participants of “CardStack” distributed in roles such as customer, developer and miner. All participants ensure full interaction of the whole ecosystem. The basis of the mechanism of interaction of all functions is the "Tally" protocol, which has not a lot of mentioned in the "WhitePaper".
Prospects and demand of this product can be result in the application as one of the most popular, taking into account all the realities of the problems of the market and turnover of currencies, as well as considering the fact that all the necessary software is integrated into the one-time payment in "CardStack". In turn, the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain in this area will give everyone a reason to think about whether or not to use the old one, or else join to ecosystem "CardStack", that surpasses all existing dApps as SaaS.

General information about CardStack tokens (CARD)
Product Name: CARD
Price: 1 CARD = 0,0175 USD
Total issue: 6,000,000,000 CARD
Number of tokens allocated to ICO: 2,400,000,000
Hard Cap: 35,000,000 USD
Dates of Token Sale: exact information on the public sale is not available.

30 second exposure

Information resources of the project:

Official site
ANN BTT (rus)
ANN BTT (eng)


I am interested in a good overview, I am already an investor.

I consider it a very promising project, thank you

A useful platform for both sellers and buyers.

agree, nice project

Thanks for the info! I was just looking for a decent project for investment.

I really love this project and I think the team has done a great job in explaining the concept through their video and other channel like Medium, however there's more and more projects popping out these days, so it would be good if cardstack can keep the momentum Rolling and expand the marketing efforts!

Great idea for the project! I will invest!) Thanks for the review! There would be more such projects.

Заинтересовали проектом, спасибо вам за обзор, пожалуй присоединюсь и поучаствую.

It was very interesting and informative to get acquainted with the project. I'll go to their site, read more. Thanks for the links!

I'm looking forward to when the developers will realize all their plans! great concept, hot topic, good team. big job!

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