Global REIT - the first REIT on the blockchain. Investment property on the blockchain.

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The “Global REIT” as the project and concept was created in November 2017. The company formation included the search for employees and initial partners in the real estate market in Dubai, which was successfully completed in January 2018.
The real estate market in the UAE is growing every day, along with the demand for it in connection with the highly developed infrastructure of the city. However, if we take the comparison of MSC, then the expansion of the city boundaries is far from the expected results, and therefore investments in this industry in the future can bring a big profit.

The Global REIT is a real estate investment fund. Many people, who initially get acquainted with the project and the company, have some doubts, due to the lack of knowledge as a REIT terminology, as a set of facts about the company and the past achievements of the team. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is a company that buys and manages real estate at the expense of collective investments or is engaged in building up.

The REIT receives income from both the growth in the value of shares, as well as from rental property, in which the TRUST has invested. At least 90% of this income he pays to shareholders as dividends. Most REIT transmit 100% of the taxable income to shareholders, and thus eliminates the need to pay corporation tax.

REIT is the most favorable type of conducting real estate business. Real estate funds have advantages over other ways of investing. The entire turnover of the funds consists in the provision of real estate for rent in the most popular locations of the megapolis.
The "Global REIT" intends to create a global real estate investment portfolio. It takes advantage of blockchain technologies and offers an investment TRUST to his depositors at his home base in Dubai, UAE, and then plans to expand around the world.

The company is focused on the investors in the field of cryptocurrency, who are willing to simultaneously invest in real estate and receive regular dividends, as well as on real estate holders. They seek to enter on the liquidity market, anchored by cryptocurrency assets, as their key goals for participating in the global REIT platform. At the moment, a strategically important partnership agreement is the "Deloitte". Follow the link to get acquainted.

Information about the Global REIT assets
ICO Global REIT offers to participants two types of tokens: REIT (GREM) and REIT (GRET). Each investor will receive a share in the dividends form.
The owners of GREM and GRET tokens gain access to all investment assets managed by the "Global REIT". Holders of more than 5,000 GRET or GREM tokens can enjoy discounts in managed hotel properties each year.
Participants, who will have 100,000 tokens or more, will be able to transfer their assets to Global REIT and enter the liquidity market in the cryptographic domain.
The implementation of GREM and GRET tokens will be held from 01.05.18 to 31.05.18 in the framework of Pre-ICO with a 20% bonus program. Public ICO starts on 01.06.18 until 30.06.18, where everyone can get the Global REIT tokens.

Official information on the sale of tokens

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P.S. This material is posted for your reference. Not a financial advice. I do not encourage you to participate in any ICO. You need to understand and consider the high risks of investing in ICO. The content expresses the author's personal opinion. The author is not an expert in the field of block technology. Always conduct your own analysis before investing in any ICO.


Нормуль тема, уверен, что в этой сфере кто первый, тот и ухватит все самое сладкое!

Я думаю ребята не опоздают. Кусок пирога точно ухватят.

Довольно интересная идея, буду изучать

Проект отличный, вижу смысл участвовать в нем. Автору спасибо за интересную статью!

Технологии не стоят на месте и мы с вами имеем возможность принимать участие в очень крутых проектах, здорово!

REIT is very promising project, I like idea

I have been following this project for a long time, I will tell you ambitious!

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