Kodak Postpones Their ICO, But Photographers Don't Have to Worry. Copytrack Beat Them To It.

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Today Kodak Announced That They Were Postponing Their ICO!

The news did not go well as their stock tumbled on the news. The much hyped Kodakcoin ICO was supposed to launch today January 31, 2017. Take a look at their stock chart below. Crypto folks are used to seeing sell offs like the one below. As we all know 13% is nothing but once the word spreads I suspect that the 200% rise in stock price will take a much deserved hit. It appears Kodak put the cart before the horse. Consider this your baptism in the Crypto world Kodak.


On the Other Hand We Have a Well Run ICO By Copytrack. The Leader in the Global Copyright Industry.

Copytrack has raised over $10 Million in their ICO so far. The end of the ICO is fast approaching. Make sure you buy your CPY tokens before the 9th of February. If you hurry there is a 10% CPY token bonus available until February 5th.

At the core of COPYTRACK is the creation of a global decentralized copyright register for digital content, which authenticates users and links digital intellectual property. This registry will generate a unique ecosystem for rights-holders, thereby providing new e-client marketplaces. With its cutting edge technology and processes, it is well-suited to globally address the key challenges in the industry and will be open to the public.

Copytrack - Respect Creativity.


huge potential for copytrack

What should have been a huge win for Kodak turned into a massive flop because they did not take action! This is key to marketing take action jump on trends and make the most out of it with the time you have. No wonder why kodak is a dying company...

Copytrack is the real deal, that's all i have to say. Regards friend

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news update providing..... i appreciate this post... best of luck dear.......

I made a post similar to this one. Kodak messed up by not sticking there release date

copytrack raised over $10 million and buy cpy token it alsi allow 10% bonous in due time, it will be great to be with there.

Como siempre encantado de leer sobre las criptomonedas, un saludo amigo :D

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I do not think there's anything to worry about, it's just delayed.
It will be active soon :)

We will see, we will see.

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About the Kodak, that’s fine with me, never fan of this company.
Copytrack ICO is what matters!

Thanks for the heads-up and info @hilarksi. We'll look into that!

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Kodak just like every legacy company has no idea how to ICO, tokenize and decentralize. Not a clue.

Copy track is deal...
Thanks for giving info

This is unfortunate. I was looking forward to getting some KodakCoin.

It seems to imply that they need to implement KYC before they can do it.

You would also need to be an accredited investor.

Surprise, surprise, Kodak misses the boat again, they sure are good at that aren't they?

I think their is progress in crypto. Thanks for the write up on steemit

Glad to your Information, very good sharing
Thanks @hilarski

good information amazing post @hilarski thanks for sharing

many of us waiting for the Kodak ico but its a bit sad that its just postponed .

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Looks like about $20 million raised so far for Copytrack. 13256305/740 = 17,913 ETH x current ETH price $1111 = ~$20 million

There were bonuses of 30%-20% and now 10% so those numbers lower quite a bit.

This is good to know. I might put in more since Kodak ICO is postponed. Looks very professional.

All tokens not sold will be burned as well. The team has been doing this for years.

I'm pretty sure that you did an article previously on CPY and I got in at that time, during the 20% bonus. Thanks!

@hilarski Such a great article

Tron (TRX) became a father figure in my life, read below:


Okay, finally Kodak is updating to the new era of finance

Yup, by postponing.

I need to write an post about this. Is there any centralized legacy company that has successfully transitioned to blockchain? I am thinking that many of these companies even Facebook will have a hard time integrating their own crypto into the platform. For the incentives to truly be alined the would need to tokenize their stock shares much the way Steem already works. I am going in deep but I just have a hard time seeing how they will decentralize it. Looking back at many other pre-Internet companies only one made the post-Internet transition, which was Microsoft. Blockbuster should have saw Netflix coming a miles away but they failed to transition. What do you think? How will the these legacy companies make the transition to blockchain or will many of them fail to?

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Thanks for the information.great update
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Glad I got in on the presale fore this ICO. Great project. You snooze you lose Kodak.

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Did that ever had a real chance (besides their name which does not help them much really...) against Copytrack? :)

Such a wonderful photography and copytrack

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Thanks for ico information

It's sad what kodak is doing, selling asic miners with a kodak sticker on it. I'm sure that wasn't succesfull either, miners are not noobs.

Copytrack is way ahead of them we already have the best :D

Kodak got the publicity (maybe too much), Copytrack will deliver a working product. I know which one I'll be investing in.

Copytrack is the good trade. Thank you for update news...I am a new steemit user..