AiBB - The Future of Ai in Crypto Trading

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  Hello my dear friend. Peace and prosperous greetings are always for all of you who are reading this article. In this meeting, I will introduce future projects aimed at offering a one-stop platform for users of this Project.Many countries and citizens have been left behind in a new revolution called Blockchain, we will connect the dots and offer the best service using best practices from top global organizations.The project I am about to introduce is called "AiBB".  

What is AiBB?

 AiBB is a Ai helper wrapped in a decentralised, feature-packed crypto trading program. It is an all round platform for both knowledgeable and noobie cryptocurrency dealers. AiBB provides an option at a now saturated cryptocurrency ecosystem where accessibility to information is simple, but working effectively with thousands of conflicting and time-consuming data resources, pockets, coins, and also trades is significantly harder.

AiBB Ai Prototype helper is reside on, including a NLU, NLP, and ML proprietary patent-pending algorithm which works within each of the modules in the program. It seems, listens, and learns contextually — a strong progress over bot-like Ai software, so as to deliver actionable information. Ai forces three AiBB layers: software, swap, and Ai which work with tens of thousands of modules to collect and analyze tens of thousands of points of data and centralize them they are readily available to customers immediately, anywhere at anytime.

 Providing AiBB customers using exceptional predictions in real time via attributes such as Portfolio Manager, trading workplace connectivity, a multi-token wallet, along with Ai Assistant, we enable them to perform quicker, more rewarding, and safer transactions. They’re also able to function seamlessly across exchanges using one log-in, place and manage alerts from various trades and pockets, find new transactions, and implement them in record time.

All AiBB users can access below features in AiBB decentralized crypto trading application. Let’s see what those are…? 

 Portfolio Analysis: Users can easily analyze their assets and how they are performing, what the net worth of them is and you will be able to track all your trades, the fees and its taxes also.

 ICO Review: It is very important to find good ICO before investing. That will help you to earn a lot of money. With the help of this app you can find good ICOs.

 Artificial Intelligence Assistant: When user asks AiBB to perform tasks, trades or retrieve information about anything crypto related, the Artificial Intelligence assistant will give an actionable good response to you. The other main advantage is that users can trade on multiple multiple exchanges with AiBB trading app. You have to use the Ai assistant to set trading parameters as you suppose and set your exit strategy. That will be a huge revolution in cryptocurrency field.

 Smart Wallet: Your alt coins will be securely safe in the smart wallet. With features like wallet safe and coins retreat, your coins cannot be stolen.



By minding patent-pending AI technology integration at the AiBB, AiBB will be among the first AI helped decentralized trading program platforms working as a personal assistant for investors. This will permit the licensed investor to choose from a number of exchanges to exchange their cryptocurrencies, on a single program interface without needing to devote a good deal of time looking for cryptocurrencies recorded on particular exchanges. The key competitive edge with AiBB lies within a really clear way of the growth of the system infrastructure. Even though there are a couple competitions coming within this area, many don’t have a smart all in 1 way for cryptocurrency trading.

 Conclusion - AiBB, an incredible initiative, will be the first Ai assisted, decentralized application that facilitates a trading desk alongside a personal assistant for investors. Investors can choose from many exchanges to trade their cryptocurrencies. The platform provides high-end AI tools and easily understandable trading resources in a single, user-friendly application. This is the future of the cryptocurrency trading. 

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Author - Hirushaperera

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