SCAVO Technologies - Large-Scale Crypto Mining Farm

 Hello my dear friend. Peace and prosperous greetings are always for all of you who are reading this article. In this meeting, I will introduce future projects aimed at offering a one-stop platform for users of this Project.Many countries and citizens have been left behind in a new revolution called Blockchain, we will connect the dots and offer the best service using best practices from top global organizations.The project I am about to introduce is called " SCAVO ".   

 The popularity and demand for cryptocurrency continues to grow. With that comes the need for people to mine cryptocurrency. Scavo Technologies is developing an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining operation. Over time, the difficulty of mining cryptocurrency generally increases.  This causes an increase in the use of electricity to mine coins. At present, there is a large amount of electricity used to mine coins throughout the world. To be environmentally friendly, a green energy source is needed. Scavo Technologies is located in Argentina, and they plan to build independent mining sites using renewable energy such as sun, water and wind.

what is scavo ?

 Scavo Technologies may be a business within the building of telecommunications knowledge centre infrastructure for crypto mining, victimization renewable sources. Formally supported on Lammas, 2017 as a consequence of twenty years of study and development of proprietary technologies that jointly modify the ability self-sustainability of the full crypto mining sophisticated.
 Scavo's technology relies on business model SCAVO Token. every Token SCAVO was noninheritable by investors we tend to represent the correct to receive advantages from all that's created by agriculture mining always (as long because it is that the holder of a Token), understood as a amount during which the advantages exceed the prices the operations needed to take care of within the farming operation. Technology developed by technology SCAVO and third parties are going to be accustomed build standalone and ascendable mining center that uses renewable resources for power generation. SCAVO technology can finance the development of the whole system that forms the middle of mining through crowdfunding by distributing token SCAVO, throughout the first coins provide (ICO).

What Scavo trying To do ?


At SCAVO Technologies, we solidly trust that interests in crypto manageable mining are the most productive alternative for long-haul benefits and that is the reason our proposition is to reinforce the connection with financial specialists through clear principles.
SCAVO Technologies, other than of giving a clever answer for the issue of the age and utilization of energy of the crypto mining ranch, by decreasing the cost of energy to its most extreme articulation, we make investment in the business more available and less demanding for anybody worldwide, paying little respect as far as anyone is concerned and riches. 

We comprehend that development all through the present framework is something basic, vital and basic for cryptocurrencies and their innovation to be acknowledged hugely. Because of this, it was important to adjust the improvement of the distinctive parts that make up the crypto mining complex to the idea of "Industry 4.0". 

To reach the objectives proposed in our development, it was imperative to work on the concept of "Industry 4.0"; this is to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and automation of the possible processes for decision making. The guidelines that guide our proposal contemplate access to clean energy and at a very low cost, the use of industrial grade components for the manufacture and assembly of the different units that make up the crypto mining complex, energy efficiency and the necessary robustness to carry out the crypto mining process in the long term. 

Achieving energy self-sustainability was a key milestone in the development process of the project itself as it will allow the development of the company's different operating models without being tied to traditional energy costs as well as to energy market fluctuations or policies of energy. The use of renewable energies for the generation of electricity, allows to develop this ecosystem in different parts of the world where energy cost is incompatible with the market of crypto mining. 

The process of acquiring specialized hardware for crypto mining is not something simple due to the growing demand in this last time and in many occasions accessing it involves negotiating with different intermediaries that end up making the purchase process more expensive as well as all the logistics that implies a purchase on a large scale. 

Scavo Technologies will create an environmentally efficient system for cryptocurrency mining that is sustainable for the long term. It’s nice to see them take a long-term approach to their business model. Cryptocurrency looks like it’s here to stay, and with that comes the need for efficient cryptocurrency mining operations like Scavo Technologies.

so if you interested in scavo ico here is some important details

Token Sale Information

PUBLIC SALE: 21 JUL 2018–31 OCT 2018
PRICE: 0.6 USD = 1.0 SCAVO
SOFT CAP: 500,000 USD
HARD CAP: 83,600,000 USD
TOTAL TOKENS: 200,000,000 



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