SCAVO TECHNOLOGIES - Self-sustaining Mining Farms

 The exponential growth of energy consumption throughout the IT ecosystem is affecting the market that is in transition. The growth of the use of renewable energies in the energy mix is creating imbalances in the network through an unbalanced distribution of energy over time and space. At certain times and in certain places, there is a large amount of electrical energy in the network, taking it to its limits, while at other times scarcity is the one that will prevail. These imbalances cause large fluctuations in energy prices in cash markets, regulatory responses, and the difference in prices between sectors, regions, times and climatic zones. 

 Because data centers are an investment in long-term infrastructure, they have a very limited capacity to adapt to changes in the price structure of the energy markets. Once they are built, they are tied to their location and this can lead to the loss of competitiveness in relation to other locations if the price structure varies. Since the mining complex is, in itself, a specialized data center, it is directly related to the fluctuations in costs, as it will affect the profits to be received. Nevertheless, the proposal that SCAVO Technologies presents eliminates, in a well-established time, the fluctuation of the energy cost 

 that could occur as a result of external variables, achieving self-sustaining energy through the construction of the own power generation station. This, together with the process of smart mining, are the best medium and long term investment alternatives. 


scavo alredy reached softcap and so close to reach hardcap scavo offers comprehensive solutions to real problems in a hyped industry. Keep an eye on this one as it is a  profitable business with experienced team. It’s rarity on the ICO market. 

Unlike the companies of other mining projects, where the profits obtained are distributed asymmetrically. that means the company obtains 50% of the profits and then the remaining 50% is distributed among the token holders, in scavo Technologies firmly believe that both the company (through the General Reserve Fund), the founders, team members and investors  must assume the same risk share. Therefore, each of the aforementioned will be treated in the same way and will receive the benefits and utilities proportionally based on the amount of SCAVO token they have in their possession. 

 In this way, people can achieve teamwork in a more cohesive way. The payments of the profits and utilities will be made according to the stipulations of the investor in his user profile, on the platform of SCAVO Technologies By default, the payments will be made automatically, weekly in Ether (ETH), using the smart contract  of SCAVO. Additionally, the investor may choose to liquidate their profits and utilities through alternative mechanisms such as: bank transfer or other crypto currency. It is necessary to observe that for these cases there may be additional costs of the chosen payment method and this charge will be paid by the investor. 

Scavo Technologies will create an environmentally efficient system for cryptocurrency mining that is sustainable for the long term. It’s nice to see them take a long-term approach to their business model. Cryptocurrency looks like it’s here to stay, and with that comes the need for efficient cryptocurrency mining operations like Scavo Technologies. 



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