VisionX - X-industry Collaboration Platform for High Performance AI Solutions

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Hello my dear friend. Peace and prosperous greetings are always for all of you who are reading this article. In this meeting, I will introduce future projects aimed at offering a one-stop platform for users of this Project.Many countries and citizens have been left behind in a new revolution called Blockchain, we will connect the dots and offer the best service using best practices from top global organizations.The project I am about to introduce is called " VisionX ".    

  21 century becomes the century of AI. At present, the boundary that determines the future development of the future is artificial intelligence. Already today it is clear that potentially AI technology will become the basis for the development of almost everything - from military technology to empty industries, from managing complex processes (technological, social) to medical research, new materials, production methods and unmanned vehicles.
With the advent of blockchain technology, many companies have begun to introduce AI into the cryptocurrency system, because artificial intelligence saves time and simplifies the work of any platform. And such a startup visionx also introduces ai on its platform for more convenient and safe work for its clients. Let's take a closer look at this project.  

 VisionX introducing vision of  X , providing a sustainable and incentive-driven blockchainbased ecosystem that serves as a bridge between companies worldwide to boost the best AI and data solutions across each individual industry, multiple industries and with personalized solutions for each customer. The tokenized incentive system of VisionX will includes both token incentives and a unique sharing of future related payments to incentivized ecosystem contributors according to the real value of their contributions. All the transactions will be monitored and recorded in real-time based on Blockchain tehcnology, making it possible to control the AI solution development process. Based on its unmodifiable characteristic, blockchain technology can build the trust among developers, contributors and requesters within the VisionX AI solution ecosystem.

What visionX trying to do ?

 as i previously say The VisionX team’s aiming to provide a sustainable blockchain-based incentivized ecosystem to develop and boost the best AI solutions and datasets across multiple industries. By leveraging on a large, decentralized dataset that is continuously growing and improving, as well as unique technologies developed by AI providers across the world, VisionX will pave the way for companies to succeed in the Industry 4.0 era, benefitting not only the companies and AI providers in the ecosystem but also by extension the entire industry.  

How VisionX can provide best ai solutions for each industry

VisionX can provide customized AI solutions for each customer, and further improve accuracy up to hundred percent.  This low cost with a high-speed solution are hallmarks of an attractive product to customers. Already, VisionX has leads within multiple global Fortune 500 companies for servicing its initial focus area of visual defect detection. The VisionX visual defect detection solution will scale to cover materials like steel, wood, welding, plastic, PCB and textiles, for industries like electronics, mining, auto, furniture, fashion and more - an enormous addressable market ready to invest in AI solutions.

 Thus, the VisionX team has forecasted very fast growth over the next few years, and a 60% to 70% gross margin as VisionX focuses on improving accuracy with advanced AI software and economical commercially available hardware. VisionX is building a sustainable ecosystem for industry users and AI solution providers, in which companies are willing to contribute their data in exchange for world-class AI solutions and AI providers are able to develop better solutions with more data. On top of this virtuous circle, an innovative tokenized marketplace will further incentivize collaboration. Through secondary smart contracts, customers will also be able to receive VNX payments for their contributions and a share of related payments for future product sales where the products are created from these data contributions. 

 How VisionX  Ecosystem works

 VisionX creates an innovative, incentive-driven AI and blockchain ecosystem to enable data and AI solution collaboration across industries. This tokenized incentive system includes future payment sharing which will incentivize developers and data contributors according to the real value of their contributions. For example, all contributions such as raw data collection, data cleansing, and data annotation, data relevancy discovery, AI dataset building, AI solution building and AI solution sales will all be incentivized through VNX token distribution and recorded on the blockchain. Together, within the sustainable ecosystem of  VisionX, companies and organizations across industries can collaborate with benefits for developing AI solutions. Furthermore, customers will be able to obtain customizable solutions for diverse situations far better than any one of them could achieve alone.  

 This incentive system, unique among blockchain projects, incentivizes collaboration in three major ways:  

  1.  Incentivize contributions to the dataset and artificial intelligence solutions that records on blockchain with its platform VNX token 
  2.  Provides a top class artificial intelligence solution in days instead of months with an estimated 30%  cost savings
  3.  Through secondary smart contracts, users will also be able to receive VNX payments for their contributions and a share of related payments for future product sales where the products are created from these data contributions as recorded on blockchain  

 peoples can contribute quality data, and the broader community can contribute services such as data cleansing and annotation. All efforts are recorded on the blockchain, so that fairly incentivizing can be given to all parties in proportion to their contribution to the VisionX ecosystem.

 Incentives come in the form of VNX rebates, along with payments for future product sales where the products are created from these data contributions, and this can be applied towards software upgrades and annual license renewal. The tokenized incentive program is revolutionary among blockchain projects. Incentivizing contributions will benefit the customers by saving them money, and also benefit the community and the whole industry by growing and improving the datasets and solutions. 

Fueled by these innovative incentives, the ecosystem of VisionX will quickly grow to encompass thousands of world class AI models to solve all types of problems across industries. As the AI market and ecosystem of VisionX continue to grow, so will the incentives for each of its contributors. Together, we will break through the current barriers that stand in the way of AI adoption and drive the industry to reach its full market potential! 

 Conclusion - VisionX offers comprehensive solutions to real problems in a hyped industry. Keep an eye on this one as it is a unique profitable business with a experienced team. It’s rarity on the ICO market, and the financial aspect of the project is straightforward enough, so it all comes back to their ability to get people onto their platform in the first place visionx project looks very advanced but is quite in early stages at the moment . It could turn out to be one of the most promising projects of 2018 and 2019.

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