Membership To The HoboDAO (Openings!)

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Membership To The HoboDAO

The ability to become one of the operators of the HoboDAO is currently open. We will be accepting 16 Steemians as Auditors, 15 Steemians as Casters and 32 Senators.

The Role of the Caster:

Casters are the operators of the HoboDAO with curation authority. These participants will keep track of Steem Engine transactions going to the @hobodao account. When a contestant submits a post for review by the HoboDAO, they will send a 500 HBO transaction to @hobodao and put an address in the memo area very similarly to how one might purchase an upvote from a bidbot on Steem.

The Casters need to spend time reviewing the submitted post for quality and communicate with the other Casters on which posts should be in the top 5. Once a consensus is reached by the Casters on the top 5 posts they will be curated with a 100% upvote. Curation may occur a day or two (2) after the decision has been reached. The Casters will keep a record of the top 5 posts for each day and will post to the blockchain through the top 5 posts for each day and will submit to the Auditors a 7 day list of top 5 submissions.

The Casters need to provide the Auditors a "winning submitter" list and not a winning post list. This is because the person submitting the post for the daily contest might not be the author, in which case the author should receive the 100% upvote from the Casters, but the Auditors would give out the HBO rewards to the submitter and not the author.

The separation of submitters of content and authors of content is to allow for a reward system for quality content hunters. This arrangement can potentially boost currently underappreciated content producers and reward sophisticated content consumers, bringing them together with combined incentives.

The last objective of Casters is as the guardians of the HOOT token. HOOT (HoboDAO Operator Only Token) is the token that powers the internal incentive program for all operators within the HoboDAO. The Casters need to verify that the Auditors, Senators and fellow Casters sending HOOT to @hobodao for curation rewards meet certain criteria before receiving their compensation for the HOOT.

Each Caster has full authorization to curate and does not require co-signers to broadcast to the network. However, if a Caster abuses their authority to reward themselves or others outside of the appropriate reward systems set up the Senators can remove them from their position and reject the remaining HOOT holdings they may have.

The Role of the Auditor

The Auditor class is a group that has collective control over the HBO reserves intended for rewarding content submitters. These operators of the HoboDAO require the most trust in the ecosystem and so their set up is the most complex and sophisticated.

There are 16 Auditors that are mixed and matched into twenty (20) separate teams of four (4) active authority signers on accounts with 250,000 HBO in them. It will require three (3) Auditors to co-sign a transaction in order for HBO to send to submitters that have come a contest, or to delegation miners.

These transactions are likely lengthy and complex but can be simplified somewhat by utilizing the tools made available by two (2) of our HoboDAO support devs (@jga and @reazuliqbal) known as the Multisignature Account Manager and MSteem.

Auditors can be a little less active than Casters, needing to convene at least each week to send payouts to the community.

The Role of the Senator

The Senators will utilize the exact same tools as the Auditors in order to broadcast to the Steem blockchain changes to the HoboDAO. However, it requires a larger pool of Senators coming to a consensus in order to broadcast an update to how the HoboDAO works or make a change to the Auditor, Caster or even Senator groups.

Senators are policy makers that focus on the overall health of the HoboDAO and its operations. They should make as few changes as possible, and only should make changes if such changes seem to be crucial to maintaining the integrity of the HoboDAO system.

It is ideal if Senators seek to take a fairly hands-off and soft touch approach. Auditors and Casters are the most active participants in the HoboDAO, but the Senators are also essential to achieving true decentralization within the HoboDAO.

While we still have a view spots available, why not join our discord server and see if you would fit in our DAO? - HoboDAO Discord Server

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