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Bitcoin has shown tremendous growth over the past few years since it came into existence in 2009, there is no denying the fact that Ethereum has seen a boom in its value too. Ethereum is the second largest Cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin. Bitcoin and Ethereum are gateways to trade your favourite altcoins as almost all cryptocurrency exchanges have them as their standard accepted payment option. On some days you feel like converting ETH to BTC but you wonder how to get maximum Bitcoin from Ethereum.

We totally understand your concern!

There are 190 Exchanges already listed on CryptoCoinCharts as of now and it is almost impossible to know the best price for your ETH to BTC Trade across these many exchanges in real time. The maximum price difference for trades across different exchanges is usually of the order of 5-7% and is commonly known as the crypto arbitrage. Coin Trading can further be optimized for taking advantage of these arbitrage opportunities in cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Wondering how?

Use our tool CoinScanner and find the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange rates – make crypto trading a piece of cake. CoinScanner gives you a et of optimized trade paths (which may include conversions to intermediate currencies) in order to buy/trade cryptocurrencies at the cheapest possible prices across different exchanges.

Let’s understand with an example!

Suppose you have some Ether which you want to trade for maximum bitcoin. Head over to, select input and output currencies as Ethereum and Bitcoin respectively. Enter the number of Ethereum Coins you have, let’s say you have 20.


Hit Convert!

Here are the results of the above query!


20 Ether Coins will fetch you 1.639 Bitcoins at max. Note that in order to get maximum bitcoin, you must first trade your Ether for IDR and then IDR for BTC via the same exchange

CoinScanner fetches live data from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges for you to know about the best real time trades. It tells you an optimized trade path in order to get your favourite cryptocurrency at the cheapest possible price! Note that the data we receive from these exchanges does not include exchange fees.

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