Velix.ID VXD ICO - Identity Verification using Blockchain

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Velix.ID ICO Presale is live.

We are a startup in the identity verification space. Each Year, the world loses up to $200 billion in Identity Fraud. Current Methods of Identity Verification are too slow and inefficient for both consumers and businesses — taking the cost of verifying identities to near $100 billion a year.

Velix.ID is a universal, obscure, transparent, decentralized, time and cost efficient ecosystem for identity verification. Individuals control their own personal information and what information they share with whom. It doesn’t allow a user to put his identity information on the blockchain. It allows for a seamless exchange of verified identities between businesses & organizations with explicit consent of the User obtained in real-time.

Almost a billion digital identities were sold on the darknet last year at just Rs 20 per identity. We believe that digital identities on blockchain is a match made in heaven.

We have partnered with Coinsecure and Bitxoxo in order to revamp KYC as crypto exchanges need smarter, faster and more secure ID Verification. We aim to strengthen India’s national biometric database using the VelixID Ecosystem. Here are a few use cases of Velix.ID

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