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The era of blockchain technology is already changing the perspective of all existing industry starting from educational services to asset trading can experience the usability of the blockchain and its cryptocurrency. The crypto trading and investment, in this case, has become one of the interesting options to earn some extra cash in your wallet. The ease and simple use of cryptocurrency compared to the traditional investment and forex trading has proven to be a promising new way in the financial sector.

However, the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency often makes the new investors and traders who just jumped into the crypto trading lose a lot of money on their first move. Some essential knowledge that needs to be set is the strong capital, good money management, cool head (a.k.a mental psychology) and wise experience on choosing the next move. And yet, all of those elements can not fully profitable without the good market or platform to be accessed with.

What Is Blackfolio?

Imagine you're using a single platform that interlinks with a bunch of market at once, and yet you can see your assets on each of them so it will be no longer to mention the hassle to open it on a different tabs. This new platform, Blackfolio has given the easy way for the crypto investors and traders to help them manage their money and earn the profit without worrying to lose a lot of Benjamins

The Blackfolio platform does not only work as a platform to manage your assets, but it also offers some expert advice from expert traders and investors to improve your investing and trading skills. The platform will be able to merge all functions of investment and give an easy access to the crypto traders. This platform also can combine all crypto wallets from many exchangers so the user can easily trace their assets through the transactions list.

Why Blackfolio?

Blackfolio is created using Artifical Intelligence that helps investors and traders to find the best investment options and conduct the qualitative market analysis. But the other cool feature is you can follow the strategies from experienced traders and share their experiences and information with you. This is a crucial thing to do because it can reduce your chance to lose the game and lost a lot of cash.

Using the Blackfolio platform offers profitable site resources where traders and investors can find the latest news about the market and the crypto-related news. It can also cut the wasting time when searching for the information about what's happening in the crypto world. There are also some features available in the platform to help the traders and investors to easily trade and invest in cryptocurrency.

Token Information

Token Supply: 600,000,000 Tokens
ICO Allocation: 318,000,000 Tokens
Token Price: Fixed Rate; 1 ETH = 20,000 BLACK
Softcap: 900 ETH
Hardcap: 15,900 ETH
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Whitelist: 25% off public price first day prior ICO

Blackfolio Team

The Blackfolio project was created by best and experienced experts with strong development, financial and design skills who have been working in the cryptocurrency. The team has developed a reliable platform that fits for both professional and even the newcomers.

Exchange Listing

BLACK Token will be available to be exchanged on IDEX, EtherDelta, HitBTC, KuCion, Poloniex, and Binance after the end of ICO sale. You can purchase BLACK Tokens on the website during the ICO sale.


The Blackfolio project is a great platform to be invented in 2018. It can help the crypto investors and traders to increase their profit by managing their wallets from a lot of exchanges, and it also gives a feature where the users can find good investments options along with the experts' suggestions so the chance to loss can be reduced.

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This project can be trusted, because it has a solid team, a good goal and a clear platform.

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