ferrum Network - An End to End solution For Real-world Financial Application

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The bull run that sky rocket the price of virtually all cryptocurrency in 2017 leads to thousands of new start up projects with each promising and rolling out different use cases and solutions which shows that the blockchain innovative technology has the needed potentials to revolutionize the traditional operation model. Thus, the blockchain technology can be termed to be experiencing mass adopted or, at least can be considered to be adopted by an ever increasing number of sectors and industries.

Each of these projects leveraging the blockchain technology offers practical solutions to real life problems in different sector ranging from e-commerce, health, banking and finance, insurance, ecology, digital right, legal and real estate to mention few. However, even with these potentials the blockchain technology is still face with core issues which a lot of projects have emerges to proffer solutions to but still yet imminent. Among these core problems are the scalability issues and the lack of these different blockchain underlying applications to interact and work together.

To this end, the lack of interoperability which is prevalent between blockchains and the absence of an efficient technological infrastructure and user friendly UI which will trigger the collaboration and interaction between them in order to provide an all-round end-end solution results in low user adoption, which is detrimental to the growth and potentials of the blockchain industry.

A better Approach By Ferrum Network To Provide An Interoperable Network For A New Financial Era 

FERRUM NETWORK emerges to provide a practical solution by providing a revolutionary technological infrastructure that brings together various cryptocurrency and blockchain networks for high speed and low cost transaction experience aimed towards achieving the true vision behind the creation of the first cryptocurrecy by Satoshi Nakamoto of a peer to peer transfer of digital assets between two different entities without a third party or intermediary such as financial institutions been involved.

The cryptocurrency space is adopted widely by just the majority of people who sees it as a speculative industry where you trade crypto assets on exchanges to make profit despite the potential of the blockchain technology to offer practical solution to myriad of sectors, the scalability issues and other related core problems hindering the full adoption and potential of the blockchain technology are being tackle by different project start-ups with each having different approach with the aim of developing the best possible blockchain.

Of course these several attempts are great, but so far they are still insufficient as it is obvious that not just a single solution attempt will be able to address the core hindrances of the blockchain technology. There is great need for these projects to work hand in hand to deliver a world class end to end solution that will actualise the true vision of a trustless peer to peer transactional application that will empower millions of users across the globe.

Ferrum network is a high end blockchain network built on a strong direct acyclic graph known as DAG technology by leveraging the potentials of already developed solutions and values of the existing blockchain platforms thereby creating a scalable and secure architecture for them to connect and interact together to pioneer a high-speed and low cost peer to peer exchange of any crypto asset regardless of the blockchain it is being anchored on.  

Ferrum network ecosystem is equipped with various ground breaking innovative advancements and underlying products that has great advantages over the primitive and already existing blockchain platforms by offering security, high speed, low cost, scalability and interoperability that solves the core problem of blockchain project being a standalone solution ecosystems. The solution provided by ferrum network will pioneer an increase in the daily usage of cryptocurrency in the lives of millions across the world as well as mass adoption of the blockchain technology.


The entire ferrum network ecosystem will be powered by a native token known as FRM TOKEN. it will serve as an internal token for carrying out transactions across the ferrum network products and services swiftly with low overhead cost. 

Token Details :

  • Symbol: FRM
  • Token type: OWN WALLET
  • ICO Token Price: 1 FRM = 0.01600 USD
  • Fundraising Goal: 1,100,000 USD
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Token Available for Sale: 40%


The ferrum network team board is made of highly experience individuals from various Sectors of life ranging from I.T, General fintech, And banking to mention very few. They also have a great and strong  advisory and partnership board to provide them with needed support to see the development of Ferrun Network to success.

Official Links:

Web: https://ferrum.network

Whitepaper: http://whitepaper.ferrum.network/

Telegram: http://telegram.ferrum.network

Twitter: http://twitter.ferrum.network

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.ferrum.net


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