Sero - Redesigning Blockchain Towards A Privacy protection technology

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As technology keeps advancing with each passing day, the use of internet and innovative technologies has become an integral part of everyone’s life. One can imagine how primitive the whole world will be without the internet and innovative technologies. the invention of the internet brought with it a lot of revolutionary changes such as e-commerce which disrupt the traditional way of buying and selling things, the creation of a suitable avenue for people to interact through the use of social media. The invention of E-education where you can take up courses and learn about virtually everything without leaving your comfort zone.

These enormous advantages of the internet also come with the cost of users’ privacy. Internet users have grown an increasing concern about the safety of their data and personal information as a result of privacy breach and leaks happening everyday with use of centralized internet platforms. Search engines and websites which users visits frequently do steals a lot of information about what they like, their location and preferences. That’s why the targeted ads you keep seeing online from e-commerce stores are the things you frequently search or likes.

The need for a secure platform where user’s privacy is securely safe leads to the emergence of Sero – the world’s first protection platform. Sero is built to leverage the secure nature of the blockchain privacy protection technology to provide a highly secure ecosystem for wide range of functionalities.

Sero is built on the secure blockchain technology to provide the first known anonymous cryptocurrency incorporated in its ecosystem, ability for users and developer to use smart contract which is one of the fundamental bases of internet value. The combined privacy protection technology and mechanisms used by the sero blockchain will pave way for more applications and adoption of the blockchain technology by many industries and sectors knowing fully that they can create decentralized applications (Dapps) with the enabled smart contract compatibility in its platform that suites their operational needs without the worry of privacy, security and data breach.

Sero emerges to re-structure the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain technology operational model as the already existing blockchain platforms has been insufficient in providing a high end privacy protection ecosystem that meet the operational needs of many industries. The major already existing blockchain platforms such as menero, zcash and dash also emerges to provide a privacy protection and encryption ecosystem which so far has been insufficient because they’ve been able to provide just a protection privacy for their ecosystem without integration of a smart contract which will enable various enterprises creates and design decentralized applications (Dapps) that will suites their operational need.

Sero is built with all the latest technological and mechanisms of the latest cryptographic algorithms - the non-interactive zero-knowledge proof mechanism (NIZK) to provide a high end privacy protection platform. unlike the existing blockchain based privacy protection schemes, sero integrates in its secure ecosystem a turing complete smart contract technology which will allow the developers of various enterprises to design and deploy decentralized applications (Dapp), these implementations by the sero will broaden the use case utility and application of the blockchain technology by many enterprises.

With sero turing complete smart contracts which are self-executing protocols designed to verify and execute contracts without third parties, developers and end users will be able to design their desire decentralized applications on the sero-chain. These functionalities do not just limit to the creation of custom tokens and cryptocurrencies but also financial derivatives, identity system, and decentralized organization. this innovative advancement by sero will not just provide a secure privacy protection ecosystem but also increase the application and adoption of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology worldwide


Just like other blockchain projects, sero also created a utility coin called SERO. The coin will serve as the primary coin across the entire sero ecosystem which will be used for range functionalities such as rewards and incentives developers who helps improve the sero ecosystem. Developers and users of Dapps can use sero coin in their Dapps for various purposes just like the ethereum blockchain. Although sero was designed with extended features such as reduction in gas price and increase in transaction speed to solve the slow transaction execution rate that plague the cryptosphere.   





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