DeepOnion - The Upcoming Features

Recently, I've been encouraged by a new anonymous cryptocurrency called DeepOnion - I've linked my previous articles at the end of this post.

To continue that trend, I thought I'd take a look at one of the upcoming features of DeepOnion - called the DeepVault.

What is the DeepVault you may ask?

Well, to quote JimmyBob who writes the newsletter, it's: information store that is held within the blockchain meaning that the data is immutable, forever! More specifically, DeepVault allows Onion members to store file validation credentials (hashes of files) within the blockchain. This has obvious benefits as it allows users to verify a file's integrity over time. Therefore, if the hash of the file changes, then the file has been altered or corrupted. This tool will be invaluable in checking whether your important documents are secure and have not been tampered with. Legal documents are an obvious use for this feature as it would enable a person to verify that the document, and thus content, has not been altered either maliciously, erroneously or through file corruption.

So what does that mean? In a word - security.

This is another great feature that will allow you to know with certainty that your important files have not been tampered with. As JimmyBob mentions, this can be incredibly useful for legal documents. The possibilities, though, are endless.

If you've been following this token - you know that the market is responding accordingly and now that Nova has worked some kinks out, the coin is sitting back around the $0.80 mark - a nice jump from when I last posted.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to hop on the Onion train!

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