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RE: Jamie Dimon is wrong, and he knows it

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago (edited)

Always big new things are controversial.

As i already tweeted, now Jamie... he is a little kitty which just

making entry points 😈 u lil' jamie devil

Of course he loves the blockchain but he doesn't want all people to have it at their hands. He has got not enough money to live this planet yet. He wants more ;-)

As you already said, more countries and business accept it contrary to all the fud.

The best thing is to ignore that kind of people and their stupid arguments in public. As he did that interview, he looked there more bad than a dictator. Dat face man... pfff.
I don't know why he is not in jail till now. Threatening everybody with jail because of freedom? Nice speech dear Jamie kitten (it is a good name for him right now, just to not be offensive).

So, let them cry with stupid arguments and on the backside they buy like crazy... Maybe somebody could spit them over the years when we'll found out in public that he owns lots of BTC and altcoins. Just for fun, how he did it right now.



ilvstranger ilvstranger tweeted @ 24 Sep 2017 - 13:37 UTC

@steemit he's not wrong man. He's just making entry points 😈 u lil' jamie devil

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