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RE: Spent all week accumulating SingularityNET (AGI) tokens!

No prejudice but my first thought of the speaker (Ben Goertzel) in this video was:

Man this guy is high as fuck hahaha

Good post, singularity net sounds interesting.
Honestly I never heard of it before.
Have to take some time for deeper research.

Thanks for this overview!


He's the man with the plan :D

He fathered Sophia with Hanson like for real lol

Ben is probably perma-high. Having spent years in Brazil, we cannot even dream what he ingested. However, the platform is not really his solo project, at least for their pictures and signatures he assembled a larger team than his usual one. Still, I am shocked the platform "came to be", I mean that they went down the ICO road to collect millions. I be debunking!

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