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DESICO and the next wave....


What are Security Tokens?

Security tokens or tokenised securities are financial securities legally compliant with Government regulations. These Gen-2 tokens will offer an opportunity for the investor to hold rights of an underlying asset such as real estate or even a pool of real estate, cash flow, or holdings in another fund. In addition to this Security Tokens can also provide an array of financial rights to an investor such as equity, dividends, profit share rights, voting rights, buy-back rights, etc. These rights are written into a smart contract and the tokens are traded on an exchange powered by blockchain technology.

Why tokenisation?

Advantages of tokenisation include the ability fractionalise assets, increased liquidity, lower issuance fees, and greater market efficiency. What’s most attractive to a security token provider is access to a global pool of capital with markets that never sleep, open to trade 24/7. As these tokens can be sold and traded internationally, they become more attractive to investors as they have a higher chance of being fairly priced. Both retail and institutional investors alike can now feel safer in investing their hard earned fiat into crypto currency in the form of security tokens as well as blockchain project startups in the form of STO’s.


Just Imagine?!?

Imagine having part ownership in a Picasso, Rembrandt or Basquiat. A slice of the New York Yankees or shares in the next Apple, Google or Amazon. Buying a piece of history and investing in a 12th century Castle in England or a Hollywood Mansion. How about buying tokens that represent a share in the next Avatar, Titanic or Star Wars movie?
As you can see with tokenisation and Security Tokens this opens endless possibilities, exciting times & just the beginning of a new, exciting and unparalleled investment landscape, full of opportunities and growth. DESICO will be one of the first to roll out the red carpet, giving a secure & legally compliant way to invest in this new asset class!

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Great article, I'm glad I got involved early with this project. It's the start of some really great things.

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