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RE: Short on Cash, but want to get started with Crypto right now? Steem On!

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

Thanks a lot for the resteem @arizonawise much appreciated.

Yes I too am on a fixed income, and do not have the funds to go whole hog in crypto mining LOL This way takes a bit longer, but it is a free method, and costs only your time. I am on day 10, and this week I am going to start working on HashFlare, using the coin made at Eobot. So if anyone has any questions feel free to holler! :)


Slow down on the whole crypto gramar, yoi are talking to a newbie in crypto world. This sots of things are still making its way to countries like mine and not all understands the whole minig, eobot, stuff. Now,am taking it one step at a time to learning crypto so as be able to explain it to fellow Nigerians.


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