Short on Cash, but want to get started with Crypto right now? Steem On!

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Wassup Steemians!

Do you want to get started with Crypto, on the Cheap? Short on Cash? Need Help? Read on...

If you are like me and just starting out with crypto, and you do not really have funds to invest at this time then this article is for you. I started using the free method, using faucets. What is a faucet you ask? Free sites that give you free BTC, LTC and other crypto in exchange for seeing their ads. You have to keep hitting the faucet pages when you are allowed to collect. But... it does take time and patience. ;-)

I've been going at this method for just about a week full time, and I have collected enough free crypto to get a decent start with Eobot. Yeah they are a tad more expensive for scrpt ghs, but here is the kicker... you can collect your free crypto and send it to your Eobot account without the need for any upfront cash. I suggest using BTC, LTC and Doge to start with on the faucets, to use on Eobot. And as an added bonus, you can mine Steem at Eobot ;-)

And they have a whole host of other currencies that you can mine, but I suggest mining ghs 4.o 5 yr cloud mining to start building up your ghs up(very important), which allows for faster mining. And once you get enough coin in your Eobot account you can also mine ghs 4.0 script 24 hr, which really boosts your mining. Plus you can hit the Eobot faucet once a day, and get 1 doge coin for logging in each day too.

So if you are interested in going the free route, and learn the ropes at the same time, then give it a go. If you join under me at these sites, I do give back to my referrals, by randomly awarding free crypto coins every day. I am going to be setting up a Discord or similar chat shortly too.

If you are totally a newb at crypto, then I do recommend hitting youtube and learn as much as you can about crypto while doing the free method.

1st step: Setup Eobot account, the set your deposit addresses, hit the deposit link on the main page, then generate your links.

2nd step: Go to CoinPot and register for an account, because all the faucets below use CoinPot as a base, makes for easy transfers and etc. ;-)

Register Your CoinPot Account Here

3rd step: Go to these faucets and use your email address that you signed up with at CoinPot from above and register at each coin, btc, ltc, and doge faucet using that email address.

Step 4: Start hitting the faucet pages and start collecting your coin! Then once you get enough to withdraw from CoinPot, transfer the coin to Eobot to boost your mining! And set your Eobot account to mine ghs 4.0 cloud mining for the duration.


I have 2 other faucets that I use as an additional resource if anyone is interested in that info. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that you get your feet wet soon! :-) If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

Have an awesome day!



Do you have had succes with this yourself?

These faucets only pay a very small amount of coins.

So you would have to HODL them for years to become profitable.

Hi @fechaugger :-)

So far so good, today I collected 22 Doge coin, almost 50000 litoshi LTC, and 8000 satoshi, and I am still collecting right this minute till tonight. I do a transfer to eobot every 2 days... and I am mining ghs 4.0 cm, steem and ripple on eobot currently.

And yes I am holding the ripple and steem. I use the doge and ltc to build up the eobot mining, and hold the btc. Yes it is a slow process, but it's is free to start, but you gotta do the work ;-)

If anyone has questions join me at Discord:

Have a great day.

This is very thoughtful of you sir, i Think many should see this, especially those of us in developing countries. Money is no longer what it used to be, and we all must cash in on that, least we get left behind. nice one


Thanks a lot for the resteem @arizonawise much appreciated.

Yes I too am on a fixed income, and do not have the funds to go whole hog in crypto mining LOL This way takes a bit longer, but it is a free method, and costs only your time. I am on day 10, and this week I am going to start working on HashFlare, using the coin made at Eobot. So if anyone has any questions feel free to holler! :)

Slow down on the whole crypto gramar, yoi are talking to a newbie in crypto world. This sots of things are still making its way to countries like mine and not all understands the whole minig, eobot, stuff. Now,am taking it one step at a time to learning crypto so as be able to explain it to fellow Nigerians.