(JaiChai) Hours before the Torum IDO: A Brief Note for All: "Pride, Gratitude and a Personal Challenge"

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A Brief Note for All: "Pride, Gratitude and a Personal Challenge"

From the beginning, I believed that Torum's Mission and Vision was unique AND filled a great need in the crypto space.

But I also knew that it would take tremendous effort by a strong team and a loyal community to pull off such a monumentally ground-breaking task.

Thousands of projects have never made it this far in the process; much less become a magnet for investors, listing platforms and multiple waves of new, eager members.


Uber-Kudos to the whole Torum team; and major props to all the Landers who've stick with the community through thick and thin.

"Sweet Buddha on a cracker! Think of it. We are poised to be the original place for 'one stop shopping of all things crypto', the killer crypto social app and a real life, 'Giant Killer' within today's online social media space."


So, here's my Personal Challenge:

"Together, I am certain that we can carve out and finish our Masterpiece for all to enjoy. Folks, I"m ready, willing and able. Are you?"

Parting Shot


May you and yours be well and love life today.

In lak'ech, JaiChai