WARNING! Don't even think about crypto investments until you read this!


"I remember it like it was only yesterday when all the coins and tokens were booming and you could get massive gains in every crypto asset you invested. It was the crypto investments bull run of 2017. It all looked so easy and it almost felt like this could go on forever. But it was just a big bluff since I and my friends weren't with a financial background, and only got into cryptocurrencies in May 2017."

I did a retrospective article about how I and my friends started our journey in cryptocurrencies.
Also, I added a few pieces of advice learned on the go.

Please have a read and share what do you think: https://bestcoininvestments.com/warning-dont-even-think-about-crypto-investments-until-you-read-this/

Also, if you have a story of how you got into crypto, don't hesitate to share it in this thread!


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