My First Crypto Blog. Some Cheap Buys Recommended By 9 out of 10 Whales

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Here are few of my favorite trades and one ICO that will close in 30 hours and which I think that you should not miss out. My first post purely dedicated to crypto, so please don't stone me Steeminators!


Disclaimer: I been trading crypto for almost 3 years, but I do not claim any expertise in this area. To be blunt and honest, I feel like I know shit. But once in a while I get in touch with total noob's world and I realize that actually my shit is not that bad. Although I still feel like a beginner, I can't deny that after years of active trading some basic stuff stuck to my cerebral crevices.

I do not provide entry point analysis, you gotta do your own fib lines. I'm just sharing what I deem as a good buy now, and I hold all of the below tokens, but I also hold at least 10 other coins & tokens, prolly more. I'm an artist, not a market analyst.


In other words- these are my picks and I love them because I either:

  • know the team personally or I know someone trustworthy who knows them well enough to judge them trustworthy
  • love the project and their vision its utility to this world
  • both of the above
  • I love their logo (that was a noob joke)

I will be very brief cause I need to paint. This is not meant to be an analysis, it's just me sharing my picks cause I think they are dirty cheap now and the upside potential for mid-term/long term hodlers is amazing.

So let's jump on that ICO cause I really think this one is awesome. And big shout out to Randy @hilarski who brought this project to my awareness and who blogged about it many times:



Copytrack is a leader of blockchain copyright registry atm. This thing will be huge. Ever wondered how to protect your photos from being used by others online without your permission? Blockchain will make this dream possible for the first time in history and Copytrack seems to be ahead of their competirors (Kodak actually postponed their ICO, not that they ever stood a chance against Copytrack, with their dinosaur ways...)

The lead of the project is german dude Markus Schmitt (team is Germany based) and he is solid. My whole intuition antennas are screaming YESSS GREEN LIGHT when screening him.

ICO is 92% sold out and you got 30 hours to get in. Wanna know something really juicy? THEY ARE APPROVED FOR BINANCE LISTING! Yeah you heard that right! And if you're not a total crypto-moron, you know what that means. And they will also be listed on another major exchange- HitBTC, which is pretty damn awesome compared to most ICOs which only get to shitlands like etherdelta first. I don't care much about this though cause I'm gonna hold this one like my precious sack (go figure), but it surely will boost the price when it gets to Binance (assuming that the general FUD period on crypto markets will be over, which I think it will in a week or two, max 3).

@kevinwong did you hear about this one? Maybe a good time to check it out buddy (your picks are awesome so this is me paying you back:)))

For those interested you need to whitelist your MEW addy ( , but that only took couple hours for me to get approved (germans work fast yo!). You can do everything on this page, simple as morning fart:

copytrack 1.jpg

Next one is IUNGO!

world wide free wifi project that just finished the ICO and was launched on Kucoin. The timing was bad for them to go live, right in the middle of everyone ripping their hair off and jumping off the cliffs (not the High one).
So it was not a big surprise that it dumped.
Nevertheless the project seems solid and confident amongst their competitors and now you can buy it for 1/4 of the ICO price, which I think is a sweet ass deal. ($0.25 on )

iungo 1.jpg

My remaining picks have been trading for a while and I think their potential is massive.

Decent Bet is a very decent bet indeed!


I got to know about DBet cause the founder and CEO Jedidiah Taylor bought one of my paintings (the famous Buddha in Matrix that I posted here so many times...). So I flew to Panama to deliver it in person and it happened to be the ICO launch at that time so I got to know the project and all founders (Kurt Connolly, Revv Nissan....solid names in Crypto world, amazing dudes to be honest).

I quickly realized that this is a golden nugget. Low cap coin, first decentralized and totally transparent online casino, of which you own a part and take profits from the house profits. Overall an amazing idea and hard working dedicated team with solid values. Jed is a gem really, I love that guy. Hard to find more generous and trustworthy person IMHO.

Dbet is touring Europe crypto fests now, and you can check their youtube channel here:

Currently at $0.17 cents on (vs. over $1,20 ATH) and project rolling in the desired direction (launch of the gaming platform), I say: this is a fucking steal!


My last pick today will be just brief: BUY HEDGE!

Super low cap coin, crazy good project (which of course is still at risky stage that's why you not paying $100 for 1 HDG yet), team based in Switzerland. They got part of their ICO funds frozen by some stupid mistake, but I think they gonna get past it, and the surge to $20 on some exchanges (namely the craziest of all exchanges that I know - price swings between buy and sell orders are so astronomic compared to other exchanges that if you play wise, you can buy bargains and sell for way more than elsewhere)...

Less that $4 now, I say it's still bit risky but also prolly the greatest upside potential. Lots of my whale buddies hold this and won't let it go before it hits $100. I know shit, but I hold this one too.


There is so much out there in crypto world now. So many great project dirty cheap now. And we know that crypto is not going to zero, it's not going anywhere. It's here to stay and the regulatory attempts will be partially successful but never to the point to make the blockchain centralized and controlled by the same reptiles who run the fiat money. So relax and make a toast to freedom, and to us, the early adopters today! (best move of my artist career was to accept BTC for my art since 2015).

As I said- I still feel like a beginner in crypto world. And I also fucked up so bad so many times, that I finally realized that the best thing to do most of the times is to do nothing or to chose a project that you believe in and hodl it through the storm, never panic sell. Also the greatest lesson for me has been to sell a bit here and there on the major runs, because we get greedy and expect the moon to last forever, and also to be able to let go and sell even with loss of the project is not delivering the promises and put the $ in something that can make it back rather than waiting 1 year for another run, if ever.

But far and foremost: if I chopped off my fingers, or glued a brush to each of them, or just took a hammer to all my laptops and didn't look at my holding for 2 years, I would be laughing now and cruising the oceans on my multi million dollar yacht for the rest of my life. Yup I'm one of those who bought tons of ETH and Dash below $10 and BTC at $200, but didn't know what HODL means back then. So don't panic sell like me and focus on creativity once you buy in, and don't even look at it if you can't stand the sight of red candle!

Thanks for reading, upvoting, commenting and resteeming!

Much Love to all!

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